June 25, 2013




1.  Welcome – Roger Scherping - Minutes approved from last meeting

2.  Scoutmaster Master-  Jim Letourneau  - He reviewed where he is  at with reorganizing the patrols which may be starting at Tomahawk.  He decided the Bear talk will be July 9th.  The July 2nd meeting will be a priority to drop off medical forms and merit badge cards.

3.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel

- High Adventure: Isle Royale 2013 -- training hikes have had good attendance, although some people have been talked to; will start exploring dehydrated food menus

- High Adventure: SeaBase 2014 – registrations in for the 4 crews, 3 sailing and 1 out island.  We are still on the wait list for the scuba adventure.

- Tomahawk 2013 planning: Meals:  currently in working on the meal planning, there should be plenty of help.  Merit badges in camp:  Christy Bartlett said she would do Chess, Marc Johannsen could do Backpacking; Dan Feidt has offered to help finish up the Music merit badge.  The Cooking merit badge has turned out to be fairly involved which would make it hard to do at Tomahawk so it will not be offered. 

Dan also offered to assist with transportation using his bus.  Deb Clarke is about to order the T-shirts.   Merit Badge cards are about complete, and health forms status is in better shape than last year.  Jeff Abel will check on mosquito netting for first years.  Scouts need to be reminded to bring their hiking gear for the training hikes. 

  - Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch - Repairs will need to be made to the new trailer after damage incurred while on the Bike Trip.  Dan will get quotes to get trailer fixed. Dan has offered to clean out the old trailers. He will organize/coordinate; a couple adults and a few older Scouts are needed.  Paul J will assist in this process.  Several people volunteered to help get the old trailer to Dan’s house.   Of the 10 new tents Deb purchased the troop will take 5.  Deb will return the rest.

4.  Advancement Committee - Road to First Class update: nothing new; Advancement status nothing new.

5.  PLC Report – Paul J – Electronics policy reviewed and explained.  Committee members impressed with the outcome as it was fair for all and showed solutions for Scouts still having access to time by purchasing a watch if needed.  Jim will keep a lock box to put electronic in it at the beginning at the week for those who did bring them.  There will be no access during the week.  Adults: ask that they use their personal electronics over by tents out of view.  Adults should police themselves during the week.   Discussed camp organization and duty roster.   Jim will put forth a tent partner sign-up sheet which will be reviewed before Tomahawk.  

6.  Fundraising Committee – Pam gave an update regarding the upcoming bagging opportunity at Kowalski’s.  Committee members volunteered to supervise the afternoon Scouts.

7.  Community Service Committee  -  John Mercier - St. Stevens lilac bush trimming: will have to coordinate this after Tomahawk.  Relay for Life is 7/26.  Need a sign-up sheet for it.  Need to remember to bring flags for the opening ceremony.

8.   Treasurer's Report - Ken Rowe - Nothing critical; working on ScoutBucks accounts; fleece jackets have been charged.

9.  Other – Nothing new with the Website, Adult Leader training or Fun night.

10.  Old Business

-Troop capital campaign update: Scott has sent out 10 letters to community foundations and is waiting for responses.

- We will work on the stickers for the new trailer after Tomahawk.

11. New Business - Drivers that have gas receipts from the Bike Trip should be turned in to Ken ASAP for reimbursement.