May 28, 2013

TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2013

1.      Welcome
Meeting called to order at 7:05. Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

2.      Scoutmaster Report
Jim Letourneau reported on how our patrols are structured, and he suggested looking into reorganizing them. This reorganization may take place over the next several weeks.  He also discussed how we got our new troop scribes up to speed, and the issue of age of one of two of our new Scouts.

3.      Camping Committee
Mary Sue Abel talked about the Sparta-Elroy Bike Trip, which is coming up June 21-23. There were some questions raised about the campground at the starting point on the trip, as the sites within the campground in Sparta are non-reservable. We did not run into any issues the last time the troop was there in 2006. We will also need to figure out where we can obtain a trailer to be able to tow bikes to Sparta, WI.

The parents’ meeting for Tomahawk is coming up next Tuesday (June 4). We will start a signup sheet for those who want to attend the Wednesday night dinner during the week at camp. Dan Feidt and John Mercier have volunteered to counsel the Cooking merit badge. The swim test has been scheduled for June 25 at Maplewood Community Center. The test will run concurrently with the June Committee meeting.  Tomahawk planning is proceeding for merit badges, meals, in-camp merit badges, physicals and t-shirts.  Roger will send an email reminder for all things relating to Tomahawk.

Plans are coming together for Isle Royale. The Scouts and adults in attendance are being encouraged to continue their own training hikes. There are some group hikes that will be held in the near future.


SeaBase 2014 is also proceeding well.

Rick Rausch noted that he is working on cleaning out the gear in the trailers. There was an infestation of mice in the large trailer.  He will prepare for the transition to the new trailer.

4.      Advancement Committee
Joe Mikkelson reported that the first-year Scouts have recently completed the Scout badge and are working on Tenderfoot requirements. They will be working on physical fitness testing throughout the month of June. Second-year and higher Scouts recently completed ways of transporting Scouts who are injured; they worked on this requirement over the last several weeks.

Marc Johannsen added that his goal is to see all of the older Scouts within Road to First Class make First Class by the time we go to Tomahawk.

Shelley Jokinen reported that we will be handing out nine rank badges and 16 merit badges at the next court of honor, coming up on June 11.


5.      Report from PLC
Paul J. discussed the Sparta-Elroy Bike Trip. We will plan to bike the entire length of the trail, from Sparta to Elroy, for a total of 64 miles. Depending on how far the Scouts would like to go, some may elect to bike less. The PLC will plan to hold a bike inspection on June 18.

The t-shirts for Tomahawk this year will have a gold background with black lettering.

The PLC has organized equipment that will be needed for the Manitou 15K race, coming up on June 1.

The PLC also discussed fun nights for 2013. They have planned August 20 to be a barbeque and troop get-together event, similar to what we did a couple years ago. There is a disc golf event scheduled for September 3; this would be just prior to the Namekagon canoe trip. November 19 has been planned for a fun night at Base Camp. In 2014, the PLC planned a fun night at Sky Zone on January 7. Roger will follow up with Mike Pendergast to see about reserving these events.


Finally, the PLC needs to deliberate some more to determine their recommendation for the use of cell phones at Tomahawk.  They PLC would like to see the same rules apply to adults, and the Committee agreed.

6.      Fundraising Committee
Pam Blank reported that we have a grocery bagging session at Kowalski’s coming up on July 3. The session will run from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. There will be two shifts, and the signup will be limited to a combined total of seven Scouts and adults per shift (5 Scouts and two adults).

Bridget Newman reported on the Manitou 15K. The shirt design has been chosen, and shirts will be ordered for the race soon. Several Committee members have volunteered to bring equipment, as well as volunteer for doing different tasks during the race. We will plan to have some caution-tape to keep runners from another race from interfering with those running the 15K.

7.      Community Service Committee
John Mercier reported that he gave Roger a letter from the White Bear Lake Food Shelf on how much food we were able to collect from Scouting for Food. We collected 1,545 pounds of food this year.

Roger sent out an email regarding two additional service opportunities, one of which was to volunteer with a flash mob being put on at Marketfest by the White Bear Lake Fire Department and the other helping with traffic direction and parking at the MS 150 bike ride. There was little response received from both of these events.

John is currently working on plans for volunteering at Relay for Life later this summer.

8.      Treasurer’s Report
No report.

9.      Other Items
No website or training update.


10.  Old Business
Roger reported on the troop capital campaign. We are looking to reach out to our Eagle alumni, as well as a few community-based foundations for donations.


Jeff Abel gave the Committee a report on the new troop trailer’s shelving. He noted that Bill Johnson, Dan Feidt, and he are working out a time and date to get together to share proposals. Once there is a design, they will share their ideas with the Scouts to see what they think. They will look to have shelving installed in the trailer in time for the June bike trip.  Roger will get a group together to work on stickers for the trailer once the shelves are in.

Roger will follow up with Deb Clarke about sending out an email regarding ordering the fleece sweaters. The color of the sweaters will be navy blue with silver lettering.

11.  New Business

12.  Comments/Closing
The meeting adjourned at 8:55.