November 26, 2013


1.  Roger welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.

2.  Chris B reviewed his Eagle project to construct a “Gaga Ball pit” for First Lutheran Church.  Comments and questions were answered.  The Committee approved his project, and he will continue to the District next week.

3.  Scoutmaster Report – Roger reported that there will be 8 boys visiting our troop Dec. 3 from a Pack in Hugo.  Roger suggested having a small program highlighting what our troop does, perhaps with a slide show in the background.  Joe will prepare a 2012 Year in Review and bring a projector.  


Because of this visit, the patrol box inspection will have to be rescheduled for 2/4.  


A reminder of the following recruitment events: Jan. 4 Polar Cubs, Feb. 8 Pinewood Derby, Mar. 23 Blue & Gold, Apr. 8 New Parents Night.


Roger reported for Jeff:  He is in process of getting information out to Packs for a January info meeting.  He will work with Paul for a January 14 agenda.

4.  Camping Committee – Roger reported for MarySue: There will be a parent meeting in December for SeaBase 2014.  The Lock In 12/14 is set; Pack 437 will be invited.  Spirit Mtn. is 1/11.  The Spearhead 1/24-26 reservation has been made for 15 Scouts 9 adults.  She is waiting to plan the 2/15 activity until the PLC decides on what they want to do.  Other events are RTFC 2/28 and Planning Weekend 3/21. 


For the Tomahawk medical officer training Marc Johannsen is looking at participating in a Red Cross training course while the troop continues to look for eligible candidates among the new parents.  Marc will see what classes the Red Cross has that are just a few hours long.


 - Quartermaster Report - Sam reports he now has the keys to the trailer.  It was reviewed who has other keys.  The new equipment was added to the trailer.  Sam is still waiting for the new cooking equipment from Dan.  No equipment is needed from the trailers for the Lock-In.

5.  Advancement Committee – Joe Mikkelson reported that RTFC will have a catch up session for those who are missing requirements. 


Shelly Jokinen reported the advancement status: 1 Scout, 14 Tenderfoots, 2 Second Class, 14 First Class, 7 Star, 9 Life, and 4 Eagle Scouts.

6.  Report from PLC— Paul J. presented ideas for the December 3th meeting with visitors and the holiday party with the dice game for the December 17th meeting. 


Also presented was a Gopher basketball opportunity for a group discount night.  Jim mentioned that the Timberwolves communicated the same, but the Scouts would also be participating in the opening flag ceremony on the court.  Paul said the Scouts would like this better.

7.  Fundraising Committee - The troop is continuing to make adjustments to the troop website for the ordering processes.   We need to insist that the Scouts enter their own orders for accountability.  The pickup went smoothly, but there was a lot of wasted time.  We will take all suggestions and incorporate what we can for next year.


8.  Community Service Committee - Discussions were held regarding the Adopt a Family event.  Committee members were wondering if the boys are actually getting the point of the program since there is no real contact with the program or the family.  The decision was made to just send a $300 check this year and reconsider the program for next year.


Other service opportunities for this time of year were suggested, including helping with a Holiday meal in Minneaplis and a similar one for the Salvation Army.  John and Ryan will get more information for sign-up sheets. 


Marc reported that the Buckthorn community service project at Tamarack went well, and he is now trained so it could be an annual troop opportunity that we can do on our own.  It can be brought up at Planning Weekend.

9.   Treasurer's Report – Ken has tallied all fall fundraising opportunities and is waiting for a few more things to have the ScoutBucks statements caught up.


10.  Other

Noted that the troop website page structure needs to be updated. 


The next Fun Night is Sky Zone January 7th. 


The parent’s roundtable started with Dan presenting to a roomful of parents.  It went well with some interaction and questions from parents.    The next one will be December 10th.

11.  Old Business                                                          

Roger reviewed the Re-chartering results.  We started the year with 55 Scouts, now with 49 which is still very good with a retention of over 90%, considering that we had 6 boys age out. 


Jim is meeting with Doug F. to talk about how to get the new stickers for the trailer. 


With the extra money made from the composting event, the troop would like to purchase flags, poles and stands.  Marc will investigate sources of where to purchase these things.


12.  New Business

Marc reported that the FOS goal was raised a few hundred dollars. 

There will be no December Committee meeting.