October 29, 2013

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013 AT 7:00 PM

1.  Welcome – Roger Scherping.  The minutes from the prior meeting were approved.

2.  Scoutmaster – Jeff Abel


Jeff reported that he will continue to work on patrol makeup.  He is also talking with a Scout who is considering leaving.  He also reported that the 6-month leadership switch has been completed.


Jeff discussed the fact that, after years of having a troop composed primarily of older, more experienced boys, we now have a troop that consists primarily of younger boys.  This means that for years we had a large group of enthusiastic, independent and experienced Scouts driving the troop forward.  With our new younger makeup, the adult leaders will need to work with the PLC to encourage the boys – and their parents – to get more involved.  This will be critical to maintaining a boy-led troop and to keeping up the high levels of activity and participation that we’ve enjoyed for the past few years.


Jeff discussed upcoming recruitment activities, including Jan. 4 Polar Cubs, Feb. 8 Pinewood Derby, Mar. 23 Blue & Gold, and Apr. 8 New Parents Night.  He will work with the PLC to get the boys to attend the Pack 437 events.  The Committee discussed the idea of recruiting Cub Scouts from other Packs.  As a part of the Arrow of Light program, Webelos II’s must now visit 2 different Scout troops before they bridge to Boy Scouts.  With that in mind, Jeff will work with the PLC to determine how to invite Cub Scouts to an Open House that we will hold at our January 14 troop meeting.


3.  Camping Committee – MarySue Abel   

High Adventure: SeaBase 2014 – MarySue said that while the Out Island crew is full, the 3 Sailing crews each have only the minimum 6 people.  We could add 2 people to each crew, meaning that we have 6 openings.  Since the crew has a fixed charge, recruiting additional people would lower the per-person price.  Dan Feidt will make the offer to Troop 112 to join us.


Our future High Adventure plans are: 2015 Northern Tier (age 14 or completed 8th grade), 2016 Philmont, 2017 Summit.


Upcoming campouts: Merit Badge Weekend 11/15, Lock In 12/14, Spirit Mtn. 1/11, Spearhead 1/24, winter activity 2/15, RTFC 2/28, Planning 3/21:


Reservations have been made for Merit Badge Weekend, the Lock In, Spearhead and Planning Weekend.  Dan Feidt reported that the Spirit Mountain day trip is open to the public.  Signups are available online.  He can take up to 44 people, and it’s open to families and all ages.  The RTFC campout may not be necessary due to the advancement progress of the group.

- Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch/Sam Hunter


The Committee welcomed Sam Hunter to the position and thanked him for taking on this important role.  It appears that there will be at least 2 Scout Quartermasters to assist Sam in this role.


Dan reported that he had purchased 5 of the colanders and can openers.  He will purchase one more of each so each patrol box is covered.


With the earnings from last weekend’s composting fundraiser, Marc Johannsen suggested that we purchase new troop flags, poles and stands.  The PLC will be asked if they have any other ideas.


The new, annual boy-led patrol box inspections will take place on December 3.  Sam will be sure the trailer is here.  The boys will account for everything in the box, test it, and clean and dry it. 


It was suggested that the PLC adopt for one of its meeting themes the topic of food safety, cooking techniques, cooking awareness, or how-and-why of the patrol box equipment. 


4.  Advancement Committee               Christy Bartlett  


- Road to First Class update        Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen/Ken Rowe

Joe Mikkelson reported that due to school activities, we haven’t had the best attendance lately.  The group is doing so well that they be merged with the older group.

Christy reported that we have 1 Scout, 15 Tenderfoots, 2 Second Class, 14 First Class, 7 Star, 9 Life, and 4 Eagles.


We had 14 Scouts attend District Merit Badge Weekend, which we scheduled our October campout to coincide with.  Marc asked for merit badge suggestions for next year.


We have an open project to update our Merit Badge Counselor page, and that will be completed after rechartering is complete.


5.  Report from PLC                                 Paul J.


Paul J. reported that for Merit Badge Weekend the boys would like to do Cooking, Citizenship in the Community, Astrology and Scout Heritage.  He also offered the PLC’s comments on the trailer sticker design proposal.  He said that the composting fundraising volunteers would be recognized at the next troop meeting. 


Paul also outlined the PLC’s meeting plans for November: 5th – Base Camp, 12th – plan Merit Badge Weekend, 19th – Lock In planning.


Paul said that the PLC will arrange for boys to do a presentation to Pack 437 at the Nov. 11 meeting. 


The PLC could think of no equipment they would like to buy with the money from the composting fundraiser, but they agreed with the idea to purchase flags, poles and stands.



6.  Fundraising Committee            Ryan Solberg               


Roger announced that Mike Cogan has agreed to take over as our new Fundraising Chair.  Roger also explained that we are developing a product fundraiser work plan to ensure that our product fundraisers run smoothly. 


Ryan reported that we raised $500 from the composting fundraiser last weekend.  The first $300 of this will enable us to run the Adopt-A-Family service project in December.  Ryan is also developing a work plan for this event.


Roger recapped the order turn in night for wreaths and popcorn and reported that it did not run smoothly.  We have an excellent process, but we made some mistakes, including not enough wreaths handouts for the boys, outdated pricing on the website, and non-enforcement of the rule that Scouts must enter their orders online before they turn in their money.  One of the changes that will be made next year is the closing of sales and the webstore on Sunday night.  That will allow us 2 days to run final reports and prepare for order turn in night.


We are still in need of a new Popcorn Coordinator.  Mike and Roger will work on finding someone.


Wreaths and popcorn pickup begins November 21.



7.  Community Service Committee             John Mercier       


Rick Rausch reported that we had very light turnout for the White Bear Fire Department food drive event.


The Tamarack Buckthorn Removal program is Saturday, November 2 from 10-12.


The Adopt a Family shopping trip will be Dec. 10.  Roger will check with Ann Cerney on coordinating this event. 


Feed My Starving Children has been rescheduled from October to Mar. 4, 2014, and then we will be our annual event on Oct. 7, 2014.

8.   Treasurer's Report                                           Ken Rowe  

Ken reported that we have now received the $500 payment for our old trailer.  He also distributed financial statements and reported that everything is now up to date.  He will issue ScoutBucks statements once the fundraising accounting is complete.


9.  Other                                                                       

       - Website update                                          Tim Willard

Tim reported that we have 384 pages on our website, and we should have no more than 10-15.  He will work to convert existing pages to pdfs. 


He also reported that troop email addresses, like scoutmaster@troop494.org, have now been established.  This means that people will be able to email our key positions even when the people in those positions change.  Once the web pages work is complete, Tim will work on permissions and troop calendar access.


         - Adult Leader Training update                       Dave DiSera

No update.

         - Fun Night update                                        Mike Pendergast

Roger reported that we will have our Base Camp fun night on November 5.  He will send a troop email telling everyone that Scouts must find their own transportation.


Our next fun night will be SkyZone on January 7.

10.  Old Business                                                          

Roger reported that Scott Wisgerhof will have rechartering complete in time of the Nov. 7 deadline. 

Roger also requested input on the new trailer stickers design proposal.  He will take those comments and issue a revised drawing.


11.  New Business


Roger reported that our next meeting will be November 26, with no December meeting.


Dan Feidt presented a concept called Mini-Roundtable for Adults.  This program will teach our parents more about Scouting, advancement, activities, and how our troop operates.  We would like to see one parents from each family attend each session.  The first session will be November 12.  Roger will send a troop email to invite parents.