September 2013


1.  Welcome - Roger Scherping:  Minutes approved from last meeting. 


Brendan A. presented his Eagle project consisting of making 10 outdoor benches and 3 outdoor tables for Otter Lake Elementary for an outdoor classroom area.   Committee members asked questions regarding design, budget and process management.  The Committee approved the proposal, so he can continue with the project.

2.  Scoutmaster Report - Jeff Abel

The Committee welcomed Jeff to the Scoutmaster position.  He will continue to work on reviewing the patrols.  He also noted that it’s nearly time for the 6-month leadership switch.
3.  Camping Committee - MarySue Abel

Mary Sue reviewed the October 11th campout at Ojiketa Regional Park in Chisago City. 


She reported that she will revise the cooking budget for future campouts as there has been often been leftover food after our recent campouts.  It was also noted that for the Namekagon Canoe Trip the cracker barrel Friday night could be skipped. 


An additional adult has been added to the Sea Base sailing crew.  There are still openings to fill the sailing crews to 8 per crew.   Payment is due next week. 


The PLC is working out details for the Merit Badge Weekend, Nov. 15-16, and the winter campouts.  The Lock In is set for Dec. 14.

 -Quartermaster Report: Rick and Alex cleaned and aired out the trailers from Namekagon. 


Rick will step down as the Quartermaster in January after nearly nine years in the position, so a new volunteer is needed. 


The Committee decided that boy-led patrol box inspections will occur after Basic Skills in May and then the weekend after the November campout.   Roger will put it on the calendar.  The boy-led tent inspection worked well before Namekagon.  Rick suggested having the Scouts take a patrol box home and run all the equipment through the dishwasher annually. 


Dan Feidt reported his findings for purchasing new can openers from Target running $13 and a stainless steel colander $8 for each of the patrol boxes.  The Committee approved the purchases, so Dan will go ahead with them. 


The Committee decided to discontinue its membership to the National Army Surplus store. 

4.  Advancement Committee

Joe Mikkelson reported that the RTFC is working on first aid kits.  Attendance has been spotty since school has started, and they will continue with the program as able in October. 


It was discussed that a few of the older Scout are running very close in the timeline for attaining Eagle rank.  We will continue to encourage them.

5.  Report from PLC

Paul J. reported what Scout-centered activities the next few PLC meetings will entail. 


The PLC came up with many merit badges (Cooking, Art, Music Citizenship in the Community, Golf, Orienteering, plus a few others) that the troop will vote on for the fall Merit Badge Weekend at possibly Swanson Lodge, Kawanis, Philipo, or the lower level at the training building at Fred C. 


The PLC discussed the winter campouts, deciding they would like to try to have both the Spirit Mountain trip (Jan. 11 or 12) and the Spearhead trip (Jan. 24-26) in January, but will need to find out when Polar Cubs is before finalizing.  Then Feb. 15 or 16th a one-day activity could be planned.  Zach will need to make a sign-up sheet for Spearhead with parent initials. 


Finally, Troop 494 was asked to carry flags for the WBLHS Homecoming Parade.  A couple of adults are needed to supervise the Scouts, and they may have to look for larger sized flags if the school cannot provide them.

6. Fundraising Committee

Ryan Solberg reported that he has leftover order sheets for popcorn if needed.  This year there is nothing to leave at the doors if people are not home.  Committee members requested we create a flyer online for the Scouts to print off.  Roger will work with Ryan to create one we can use every year.  Cory is doing a great job managing the webstore.  For the benefit of the new Scouts, Roger will explain in the next troop email that 100% of the fundraising proceeds are distributed to the Scouts.  


Zach will need to make a sign-up sheet for the leaf composting fundraiser Oct. 26th.  Scouts will need gloves, sturdy boots, bright clothing, and long pants. 



7.  Community Service Committee –

Roger reviewed the activities.  Zach will need to make a sign-up sheet for FMSC Oct. 22nd.  The WB Fire Department is having an Open House on Oct. 5th and requested 3-4 Scouts from 11-3pm to process the collected food as it comes in.  Zach will need to make a sign-up sheet for this. 


Another service opportunity is the Tamarack Buckthorn Removal program on Saturday, November 2 from 10am-12pm open to the public.  Scouts must register through their online process and sign up on one of our troop signup sheets.  

8.   Treasurer's Report

Ken Rowe should be getting out the ScoutBucks statements soon as a Sea Base down payment is due Oct. 1st.


9.  Other

No update regarding the troop website, adult leader training or fun nights.  Roger will check with Mike about getting the simulator signed up for the Nov. 19th Fun Night.  Zach will have to make a sign-up sheet for the Fun Night.                                                              

10.  Old Business

Rechartering is in process. 


The subcommittee for creating the new trailer sticker design will meet after the Oct. 1 troop meeting. 


The fleece jacket order is on hold until March when the new Scouts cross over as no one has signed up to order one.  


The Troop’s 20th anniversary will be May 4th, 2014, at Podvin Park with a potluck meal, a slide show, all 5 previous/current Scoutmasters, and a commemorative patch.  Marc offered the idea of having a custom troop neckerchief.  We will start with finding out costs and then continue the discussion.       

11.  New Business

Jim Letourneau reported that the new OA Chapter Chief is Alex Willard, and Sam Willard is the VP of Elections.  


Committee members suggested we have a veteran perform the opening flag ceremony for the Nov. 12th troop meeting after Veterans Day.