August 30, 2011

TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2011 AT 7:00 PM

1. Welcome: Bill Johnson substituting for Roger Scherping -

  • The meeting began at 7:00 pm. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


Agenda Addition

  • Sam W. presented his proposed Eagle Scout project of making two planters and an arbor for the Ramsey County Nursing Home.  He answered questions from Committee members and received feedback. One was to personally see the manager at Home Depot while in Class A uniform when requesting building supply donations as he is more receptive using this request method.  He achieved his Eagle Scout award as a youth.  Sam will get the necessary signatures before starting the project.  The Committee approved the proposed project.


2. Report from PLC: Brian B. –

  • He reported an Adopt-A-Family fundraising idea they had come up with: a donation stand at Bobbie and Steve’s car show with some knot tying demos. Another idea given was a carwash. 
  • They also wanted to participate in a senior chore clean-up program focusing small groups of scouts to targeted seniors on November 5th or 6th.  Feedback was given that participation might be limited since this weekend is deer hunting opener. 
  • He reported that they have assigned jobs for the next Court of Honor and looked at the schedule for the Namekagon.  He will get a sign-up sheet going for Scouts attending the 437 Pack meeting.


3. Scoutmaster Report: Jim Letourneau –

  • He described what the new Campout Journal would be composed of and that the Troop Historian would be in charge of compiling it. 
  • Getting ready for fall recruitment.  Cub Scout Pack 437 has a meeting Sept. 12 that Jim and a few boys will be attending to inform them of the troop activities and information including: 1) any money from wreath and popcorn is transferred when they cross over to help defray Scout costs, 2) want to encourage them that they are welcome to come to our activities and look at our website.  Jim will connect with Willow Lake Pack 529.  Pack 402 is still interested.


4. Camping SubCommittee: MarySue Abel -

  • Reminder to Northern Tier folks to please turn in maps and holders if the troop is paying for them for inventory and use for other activities.  MarySue offered to do a Northern Tier album, but you need to get your pictures to her.
  • 2012 Philmont:  MarySue is waiting for information from them.  There are still 1-2 spots open. First payment is due Oct. 1st for $100.00.   Will start to get a planning sub-committee ready soon.
  • September (Namekagon): Approximately 20 scouts and 7 adults so far.  Log cabin has been reserved.  Still taking sign-ups.
  • October (Backpacking):  Boys want to go to Afton.  She has not reserved sites yet.  She checked and all sites are still open. 
  • November Merit Badge Weekend: Boys wanted to go up to Camp Ripley.  It has a big facility and an indoor facility. Pat Stoterau will check on reserving November 11-13 and touch back with MarySue.  Alternative is Fred C Andersen.   
  • December is Lock-In, which is all reserved. 
  • No plans for January and February yet.
  • Quartermaster Report: Rick Rausch -  Inventory list updated, and he will get ready for the upcoming trips.
  • Camping store - Jeff Abel:  Awesome deal guy is retiring, so prices will be going up.


5. Advancement SubCommittee Christy Bartlett -

  • 21 scouts working toward Tenderfoot, 1 toward 2nd Class, 5 toward 1st Class, 11 toward Star, 6 toward Life, and 10 toward Eagle.  Jordan B. is our newest Eagle Scout #48. 
  • Will offer the Communications merit badge in November.  Have 14 scouts signed up and will be sending out homework in advance.
  • Next Court of Honor is September 20. Shelley is putting together a program.  Please send her any agenda items to put in.  It will be a big program.  Idea presented to have a separate recognition for Northern Tier achievements, first aid etc. but will send it all to Kristy to see what can fit.
  • Road to First Class update: Jeff Abel/Joe Mikkelson/Curt Monson- no comment noted.

6. Fundraising SubCommittee Ryan Solberg -

  • Wreaths – Jim Golding: decided to use the same wreath distributor as last year.  There will be a standardized order form with the money collected at order. The kickoff is the Court of Honor Sept. 20th.  Delivery will be Wed. Nov. 16th. 
  • Popcorn -Pat Stoterau: Pat gave an overview of the popcorn program this year with the new option of Show and Deliver.  The idea was overall well received since unsold individual boxes (not including gift packs) can be returned or used in preorder counts.  Ideas to sell via this method were to set up tables at Holiday station at Centerville Rd and Sam’s Club (have to sign up for a time now).  Sales begin 9/23; ends 10/30; delivery is Nov. 18th.  Christy can help out with storage for show and deliver.  Ramsey County Sheriff might also have storage if Jim’s garage is not enough. Deb Clarke, Christy Bartlett, Jim Letourneau, and Patrick Stoterau will be the sub-committee to work out the details for Show and Deliver.
  • Calendar:  Survey results had a favorable sales projection.   After discussion the Committee approved the calendar fundraiser.  Will order 250 prints at a cost of $1,500.  Will try to have each scout sell 5 calendars. 
  • Fruit sales idea received but will table as there are enough fundraising ideas currently.
  • Moolah fundraiser presented that does not include door to door selling.  Kwik Trip will give a donation to the organization for collecting tops/labels from their Natures Touch products:  milk, donuts, etc.  Will set up a box to collect the labels to be dropped off.
  • Christmas tree pick up: Idea was declined.  Only $5 but not well received as we would have to advertise and there are already collectors. 


7. Community Service SubCommittee Jim Hering-

·         Relay for Life went very well.  The organizer was pleased, reporting it was the best yet. 

·          Feed My Starving Children – Set up for October 18.  Will put up a sign up sheet next month.

8. Treasurer's Report Ken – not present- will have to get updates next meeting on troop trailer insurance issue, Scout Bucks statements, and financial statements

9. Other

  • Website update Tim Willard- He is trying to make it easier to get videos online.
  • Adult Leader Training update Dave DiSera reported he will have adults fill out forms, but Jeff Abel reports that he can get counselor training info to him and Christy has resources online as well if that is not enough or does not work.  Another idea presented was to make an online form with a secure login to collect information like a school or other business does.
  • Fun Nights: Mike Pendergast-  not present, but members reported picnic was well attended, and first year dad’s did well serving the burgers.  Mini golf on Sept. 13, Base Camp or Vertical Endeavors on Nov 1.


10. Old Business- Park fees for Manitou 15k  - Roger contacted Mark Sather, but there has not been a definitive answer regarding if he can assist us with eliminating the new park fees .

11. New Business- Adult leader recruitment – Jim Letourneau.
  Several new positions will be made or replaced to start to try to get first year parents and others involved.  These include: Community Service Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Adult Historian, Committee Chair/Co-chair, Adult Chaplin.   


12.  Closing - Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm