January 25, 2011

Troop 494 Committee Minutes

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

1.  Welcome

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


2.  Fundraising Opportunity Report

Michele Willard introduced two representatives from Dine and Discounts, a fundraising program in which people purchase a subscription to obtain coupons for various businesses around their local area, the Twin Cities in general, and nationally.  The Committee was presented with a packet of information regarding this program.  With each $25 subscription purchased, groups earn 80% profit.  The Committee thought this might be a good high-adventure fundraiser or troop fundraiser but was concerned with how to train the boys to sell it.  January may be a good time of the year to do a fundraiser like this.  As the next step, Jim Letourneau will bring the idea to the PLC for their feedback.

There was a brief discussion about the comments regarding fundraising received from the parents at the Court of Honor.  The parents provided us some additional fundraising ideas, but we really didn’t get any feedback on how they feel about the need for fundraising or about door-to-door selling opportunities.

3. Report from PLC

Jim reported on Jay’s behalf that Spearhead was enjoyed by all.  The PLC is finalizing plans for the Lock-In in February.  Roger noted that we are still looking for pictures or video from Spearhead that can be uploaded to the troop website.


4. Scoutmaster Report

Jim Letourneau received a letter for submitting Grey Wolf nominations for this year. Nominations need to be submitted to Northern Star Council by April 15.  The Committee is considering sending 2 boys again.  Jim will come back to the Committee with a recommendation.

Order of the Arrow and troop elections will be taking place soon.  We plan to hold OA elections at the February 15 troop meeting, with troop elections taking place closer to March 1.

New Scouts and Parents night will be March 8, right after the pack 437 Blue and Gold on the 6th.


5. Camping Subcommittee

MarySue Abel noted that the Lock-In is scheduled for February 26 at Shoreview Community Center.  She is also looking into options for the skiing and snowboarding event as well.

Michele Willard volunteered to collect health forms for Northern Tier.  Jeff Abel will compose a spreadsheet to be used for checking off training and other requirements that need to be completed before departing for Northern Tier.  MarySue will work on tour permits, and the Clarke’s volunteered to do shirt designs.  All other Northern Tier decisions will be made at the crew level during crew meetings.  MarySue will set up a meeting to discuss crew leaders, as well as bringing up whether we want to allow Scouts from other troops to join us.  Those who are attending must have Scout Bucks accounts up to date by April 15.

Philmont 2012 requirement sheets and commitment letters have been handed out. Commitment letters need to be submitted by February 15.  We have reserved two crews, for a total of 24 Scouts and adults.

Tomahawk signup for 2012 has been completed.  We will be receiving more information for this year soon.

Rick Rausch noted that there are some items that need to go back into the trailers from the Court of Honor last week.

Jeff Abel noted that we are in good shape on supplies for the new Scouts who will be joining us in March.  We may have as many as 12-15 Scouts who will be crossing over to the troop.


6. Advancement Subcommittee

Joe Mikkelson reported that progress has been made in Road to First Class recently. There have been several Scouts who have earned the Scout rank, although attendance has continued to be light.

Shelly Jokinen noted that she is working on obtaining patches for those who earned the historical Carpentry merit badge during Merit Badge Weekend in November.  We may need to order these hard-to-find patches online.

The Court of Honor went well, and the switch to the opposite end of the church worked much better than our normal meeting place.  It was noted that the boys should do more to prepare for what they are going to say during the ceremony.

Roger noted that we are able to obtain the Quality Unit patch for 2010 and will look into getting the patches.

One of our Scouts requested that we recruit more merit badge counselors so that the boys can earn more merit badges.  The boys are free to use adults other than troop adults as counselors.  We will discuss this further next month.


7. Fundraising Subcommittee

Joe Mikkelson reported that the letter for Cub Foods bagging has been submitted, but so far has not heard back for an opportunity to sign up.  Roger noted that we need to find someone to coordinate bagging and fundraising in general.

We are scheduled to deliver flowers on May 7.  The delivery site will stay the same at Community Park in Vadnais Heights. Delivery is tentatively set for 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.


8. Community Service Subcommittee

Jim Hering reported that we received an email from Troop 89 (based in Mahtomedi) about their White Bear Cleanup service project.  It is at 10:00 am on March 5 at Bellaire Beach, and they are inviting us and other troops in the area to join them.  Jim will follow up with Troop 89 once we have more information.


9. Treasurer’s Report

Ken Rowe presented the Committee with the 2011 budget report, which shows a smaller deficit than planned.  He also presented a 2012 budget.  There was a discussion about whether we need to raise troop dues for the next fiscal year or perhaps do a troop fundraiser in order to build our cash balance.

Ken is checking on troop credit or debit cards.

Rick and Ken are compiling the information to get insurance on our troop trailers.

Roger and Ken will meet to review the 2012 budget and our Scout Bucks overdrafts situation.


10. Old Business

The Adopt-a-Family service project review was tabled until February due to time.

Roger reviewed the responses to his email about First Responder training.  Because of the cost of this program, it was determined to wait until we know whether we actually need to train anyone to fulfill our need for a Medical Officer at Tomahawk.  Jeanenne Rausch is interested in coming again, and some of the incoming parents may already be qualified. 


11. New Business

Roger reported that 9 families have contributed $1,700 so far for Friends of Scouting, so we are at 38% of our goal. 

Roger presented the Recharting Report for 2011.  We started the year with 41 Scouts.  We got 2 new first years and gained 7 more boys during the year.  We lost 6 boys and had 5 graduate. Our retention rate for the year was 90%, which is outstanding but down slightly from our average.  We also lost 5 registered adults who were not active.

The question was raised whether we should go to just 2 meetings per month in the summer.  This will be discussed at Planning Weekend.


12. Comments/Closing

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15.