June 28, 2011

TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2011

1.  Welcome: Roger Scherping

The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm.  The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


Quintin A. presented his Eagle Scout project plan to the Committee.  His project consisted of renovating two planters in the entry of South Campus High School.  Questions and comments were given by Committee members.  The Committee approved the project, subject to some final revisions.


2. Report from PLC:Brian B. – none

3.  Scoutmaster Report: Jim Letourneau

He has not heard back from the District Advancement Committee for summer Eagle project approvals yet. 


Jim reported that the Scouts who participated in the Manitou Days parade really enjoyed it, as did the crowd.  However, they could have used more Scouts for the parade.  Ann reported that the Go Kids Day art fair fundraiser event experienced no problems except for the weather.  The boys still seemed to enjoy the experience handing out the flyers and interacting with the people.  Overall, the Committee would participate in the parade again if the fee were waived and would like to do more Go Kids Day fundraisers.   

4.  Camping SubCommittee: MarySue Abel

·         Tomahawk: Mary Sue reported that so far there are 45 Scouts going to Tomahawk; only 2 are unable to go.  Jim will call them.  There will be 11 adults there all week and 6 coming and going.  There was some surprise that only a few of the first year Scout parents are going; we may have to promote it more next year.  T-shirts are being ordered.  Menu is being finalized and should stay within the budget.  Roger is checking on if we can participate in the Cheeseburgers in Paradise for Wednesday lunch.  Deadline for dinner sign-up and payment into ScoutBucks accounts will be Friday, July 8th.   Deb Clarke is collecting health forms and has sent out emails to all participants regarding such.  Jeanenne Rausch will once again be our Medical Officer, and she has also volunteered to be the adult activities coordinator.  Roger announced that there will be a parent meeting on July 12th to ask any final questions about the camp or preparation.

·         2011 Northern Tier: Mary Sue reported the status of the tasks needed for Northern Tier.  The goal is to have all Scouts get their CPR/First Aid and Wilderness Training done prior.  She will work with Travis Johnson to get this done but needs to find dates that work for Ann and Mark.  She is working on the tour permit, so Committee members should send her any training they currently have.  Adults who are going need to check their insurance to make sure they are able to drive a van as more drivers are needed. 

·         Philmont: nothing new to report.  There are still 3 openings.

·         Adult Leader Training- Dave DiSera:  Dave reported that he looked at the training online and now needs to get an inventory of what training the adults have.  It was determined that it would be difficult to keep a current running list for the troop on the website.  Jeff reported he may be able to get a list of training from registered leaders.

·         Fun Night Planning - none

·         Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch: Things are coming along.  He has repaired some things and is still working on the inventory.

·         Camping store - Jeff Abel: nothing to report

5.  Advancement SubCommittee: Christy Bartlett

·         Road to First Class: Jeff Abel/Joe Mikkelson/Curt Monson – Fitness testing is all done except for two.  Several people reported it was great to watch all the boys get their Scout badges at the Court of Honor.

·         Advancement: no news

·         Troop Eagle Expo:  It was great!  The Committee would like to do this annually in February.  Jim got several Scouts to give him project ideas the following week.

6.  Fundraising SubCommittee: Ryan Solberg

·         Massage fundraiser: Jason Bahrke – not present

·         Manitou 15k report:  Bridget Newman – She reported that each participating scout earned $53!  She got a lot of good feedback about what a good job the Scouts did.  This year there were more sponsors, the same amount of runners, 108.  Next year she will make a list of duties that she can delegate to keep the stress level down.  Roger will contact the city manager, Mark Sather, our charter organization rep., to assist in the fee for reserving the park for next year as the process for reservations now goes through the Public Works Department.

·         Go Kids Day: Ann Cerney – see Jim’s report

·         New fundraiser idea:  Roger presented an idea for the Scouts to sell a wall calendar displaying pictures the Scouts/adults have taken.  The Committee thought it was worthwhile researching and will start a Survey Monkey to find out more.

7.  Community Service SubCommittee: Jim Hering- Relay for Life is set for July 29, 2011.


8.   Treasurer's Report: Ken- He has been handing out ScoutBucks statements, which have helped keep accounts positive.  There are only 7 of 56 scout accounts that are overdrawn, equaling $256.  He also distributed the latest troop balance sheet and income statement.
9. Old Business:  Roger announced that he would like to set up a few more Committee positions: Communications Coordinator, Registration Coordinator.  They will get set up and start after Tomahawk.

10.   New Business: 

·         Roger discussed the purpose of event signup sheets.  They are our tool for controlling who attends an event and ensuring that we have adequate adult supervision.  Everyone must adhere to and follow this process so our events run smoothly.

·         Ramsey County Nursing Home is looking for Scouts to clean-up the grounds if anyone would like a community service project.

·         No scout meeting July 5th due to the holidy.

11.  Comments/Closing:  Meeting ended at 9:30pm.