March 2011

Troop 494 Committee Minutes
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

1. Welcome
The minutes from the last meeting were approved.  Roger welcomed all of the new parents who joined us for their first Committee meeting.

The Committee discussed the Otter Lake Elementary Carnival on April 15.  Ann Cerney said they are looking for approximately 20 Scout volunteers to help over several available shifts, ranging from late afternoon to early evening. The Committee was concerned that participation might affect turnout the next morning at Scouting for Food, which is our biggest and longest-running community service project.  The PLC will discuss the event next week before we commit.


The Committee also discussed our experience with Adopt A Family in December.  Jim Letourneau and Brian B. will bring it up with the PLC to find out whether they want to do this again this year.


2. Report from PLC
Brian B. reported that the Planning Weekend was successful.  He presented to the Committee some new ideas, including implementing a signup board for troop-wide announcements (to reduce the time it takes to get to the main portion of weekly meetings), including more fun nights in the troop calendar (approximately 8 are planned for this year), and holding PLC meetings on a monthly basis instead of weekly.  Brian noted that he is also considering how to make skit planning easier.

3. Scoutmaster Report
Jim Letourneau continued Brian’s discussion of Planning Weekend and mentioned troop guide training.  There are currently six Scouts who are confirmed to be troop guides, with two more who Jim will follow up with.  He is also looking to appoint a Scout Quartermaster and possibly a Webmaster.

Jim noted that with the large number of new Scouts we obtained this year we might form an additional two or three patrols to make a total of six or seven.

Cub Scout crossover ceremonies have been completed for this year, with the latest one having taken place this past Friday for one Scout who joined us from Pack 89 of Mahtomedi.

The PLC decided we would not be attending the Minnesota Twins Scout Day or the OA weekend service project to open Kiwanis for the season, as this conflicts with our Basic Skills campout.

The Committee asked the Advancement Subcommittee to determine whether we should hold our own Eagle Expo for those Scouts who are currently at Star and Life ranks.  The Eagle Expo is a seminar that provides prospective Eagle candidates and parents with tools and resources to compile ideas for completing Eagle service projects and remaining requirements for the Eagle rank.


4. Camping Subcommittee
Mary Sue Abel noted that Basic Skills is scheduled for April 29-May 1 at Fred C. Anderson.  Depending on how many Scouts and parents attend the event, we might need to reserve additional space.  In the cabins we currently have reserved there is room for 48 Scouts and adults; we may have people sleeping outside.  We are inviting Webelos Scouts from Packs 402 and 437 to attend for the day on Saturday, April 30. 

The White Water Rafting and Kayaking campout is scheduled for May 20-22 near Duluth. We will have group activities during the day on Saturday, with the rafting and kayaking on Sunday as before.

Mary Sue wants to hold a planning meeting for those attending Northern Tier this summer before the troop meeting next Tuesday.

Crews are now being finalized for Philmont 2012, which is scheduled for August 6-18, 2012.

Mary Sue noted that one Scout is signed up for the T2 program at Tomahawk this year.  Terry Hietpas will be our Medical Officer at Tomahawk.  Jim also noted that Jay R. and Brian B. will be on staff at Tomahawk this summer.

Roger will follow up with Rick Rausch about troop trailer inventory.

5. Advancement Subcommittee
Joe Mikkelson reported that many of our new Scouts are approaching completion of the Scout badge requirements.  Joe noted that he will be helping the older Scouts get to First Class rank, and Ken Rowe, Curt Monson, Jeff Abel and the new adults will be working primarily with the new Scouts.

Jim will forward attendance information from this past weekend’s Planning Campout to the Advancement Committee for entry into troop records.

Paperwork for Ben H. has been submitted for his Eagle rank application.  Ben would be Troop 494’s 47th Eagle Scout.

Roger approached Allen Clark about the troop hosting an Eagle Court of Honor for him.  None of the dates he proposed worked, so Roger will follow up with Allen.

6. Fundraising Subcommittee
Pam Blank is our new Bagging Fundraising Coordinator. We have a bagging session coming up this Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at the White Bear Cub. We have 11 Scouts signed up to work the first shift, and 8 signed up to work the second. Pam will even out each shift at 12 total.

Michele Willard noted that flower sales have ended, and that pickup and delivery is scheduled for May 7 at Vadnais Heights Community Park.  She is looking for volunteers to help unload flowers that day.

Michele is also getting more information on Dining and Discounts.  We are looking to implement this fundraiser sometime in June.

Bridget Newman reported on the Manitou 15K race.  She noted that online registration is continuing at this point.  She is also continuing to seek race sponsors.  We will start the t-shirt design process in the next several weeks.

7. Community Service Subcommittee
Jim Hering reported on the recent cleanup effort on White Bear Lake.  There were about 110 Scouts and adults from several different organizations that took part in the cleanup, and it went well.  We have been invited by Troop 89 to do this event again next year.

Deb Clarke noted that Scouting for Food is scheduled for April 16, which is different from the national collection date of April 30 (this would conflict with Basic Skills).  The event will take place from 9:00 am to noon, and we will meet at Polar Lakes Park in White Bear Township.  We will cover the same general territory as we have done in the past.  Brian will talk with the PLC about distributing thank-you cards or flyers to those who donate.

Heritage Park cleanup is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3.  We will meet at the Bartlett’s for dinner before beginning cleanup of the park.

We will be attending Relay for Life again this year. It is scheduled for July 29 at South Campus.

We are also going back to Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids this year.  Jim has reserved 50 spots for October 18.

8. Treasurer’s Report
Ken Rowe corrected the troop’s annual budget figure he gave at New Scout and Parents Night.  Our annual budget is actually about $70,000.


Ken presented the Committee with a final review of the 2011 fiscal year results.  The amount of the deficit came to less than planned.

Ken noted that the amount of money owed on overdraft Scout Bucks accounts is now considerably less than it had been previously.  The Committee thanked Ken for his efforts to get everyone caught up.  There will be an email update of Scout Bucks reports next week.

Troop credit cards have now been distributed to those that require them.

9. Old Business
Roger Scherping reviewed with the Committee the open adult leadership positions.  We are currently looking for a new Popcorn Sales Coordinator, Committee Secretary, Training Coordinator, and Fun Night Coordinator, as well as additional help within the Road to First Class program. Mike Cerney volunteered to fill the Trop Logo Wear Buyer position.

Roger also noted that we are currently at 77% of our Friends of Scouting base goal.  The cutoff date for accepting contributions is May 1.

10. New Business
Roger mentioned that University of Scouting is April 9.  It’s a great chance for our adult leaders to get trained for their leadership positions.


Roger also discussed Cub Scout recruiting.  No adult leader or parent at any Boy Scout troop is allowed to approach any of the boys at a Cub Scout pack that has a Boy Scout troop affiliated with it.  We need to respect that feeder pack relationship and cannot try to convince those boys to go to a different troop instead.  That is what Troop 212 did to us this year.  Our district executive is going to talk with the leaders of Troop 212 on this topic.  Likewise, none of our adult leaders or parents may approach Pack 402 and try to recruit their boys.  We are allowed, however, to talk with anyone who approaches us for information about our troop.

11. Comments/Closing
The meeting was adjourned at 9:10.