May 31, 2011

Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:10. 


1.  Welcome

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

2. Report from the PLC

Brian B. reported that the PLC decided they want to go ahead with the Adopt a Family event again this year.  They came up with fundraising ideas which included a carwash, dunk a scoutmaster, etc.  They will need to determine which specific ones to pursue so that they can raise the required funds themselves instead of just getting the money from the parents.

There will be a troop Fun Night on June 7.  We will go bowling at 6:30 at White Bear Bowl.  This will be a family event.


The June/July calendar has been planned.  The duty rooster for Tomahawk is filled out.  The plan is to use an upcoming troop meeting to show the new Scouts how to pack for Tomahawk.  There will be a quick presentation at the upcoming Court of Honor to show Scout and parents about Action Packers and snack bins.


Relay for Life asked if we were interested in being part of a clean up crew to start at 6AM, and the boys are not interested.

3. Scoutmaster Report

Jim Letourneau reported that Colin F. was approved for Grey Wolf training.  He was apparently chosen over our other candidate because he is an ASPL.


The District reported that they would not be approving Eagle Scout service project proposals after June 2 until August 14.  Jim has told them this is unacceptable and is awaiting a response as to our alternatives.


4. Camping

MarySue Abel reported that our next campout will be a Canoeing Campout on June 24 on the Rum River.  This will be in preparation for Northern Tier and will help the boys get started on Canoeing merit badge, which is a requirement for Northern Tier.

We are having a Northern Tier meeting tonight to follow up on everyone’s assigned duties.  We have 3 crews set up with 5-7 boys in each crew.


There are still a few spots available for the 2012 Philmont trip.


Mary Sue Abel passed around a Tomahawk adult signup sheet to plan better for food by knowing how many adults will be present for each day.  She would like to know of any food allergies that adults or kids may have who will be going; currently she knows of two cases of lactose intolerance. Roger will include a request in this weekend’s email. 


We have been offered the opportunity at Tomahawk to have 2 crews of 8 take an overnight canoe trip around the lake as further preparation for Northern Tier.  All boys participating will miss Wednesday morning merit badges.  We will figure out logistics later.

Adult Leader Training

No report.

Fun Night Planning

No report.

Quartermaster Report

Rick requested the use of the troop canopies for a close friend’s graduation party.  We have always let troop members borrow them as long as the troop doesn’t need them, but currently there is no policy for non-troop families.  Since no one at the troop needs them that day and since Rick would be at the event and help in setting them up and taking them down, the Committee agree this would acceptable.  The Committee also agreed that this will not set a precedent for people outside the troop borrowing Scout equipment. 

Camping Store

No report.


5. Advancement Subcommittee


Road to First Class update

Jeff Abel reported that so far all the new Scouts are moving right along, and it seems to be going pretty well.  Jeff would like to hold the physical fitness tests before the Court of Honor on the June 14th.  He needs some older scouts to help. 


Jeff reported that we still need to decide on formal patrols, and the boys need to make patrol flags.  Pat Mahoney has extra poles to use, and there are stands in the troop’s orange box.

Shellie Jokinen reported that she wants to make sure that the boys let her know if they are close to a rank advancement as she can take any changes up until the meeting before the Court of Honor.


Jim Letourneau reported that the District is now requiring Eagle project concept approval before they start working on the details of their Eagle project.  We currently have 4 boys working on their project concept.

Jim found an old agenda for the Scout Expo, but we need some volunteers to help Sunday June 12th at 6 pm.  There is not a lot of preparation that needs to be done as this will just be a discussion format.  We also need to see if the church is available, or maybe we could hold it at someone’s house.  Roger will send out an email to see if there is enough interest.  This is intended for Scouts First Class and above and their parents.

The troop Court of Honor is June 14.


6. Fundraising Subcommittee

New Fundraising Chair Ryan Solberg sent an email to all fundraising coordinators asking for input on how to improve their fundraising event.  He has already heard from Bridgett.


The massage fundraiser run by Jason Bahrke ends today.

Roger reported on behalf of Michele Willard that flowers sales were $22, 531 for a profit of $8,500, which is about 35%.  This is below the 40% target, but all around it is a very good and well-run fundraiser.  The margin decrease may be due to new products selling for less profit margin.  We may have to look closer next year at how to raise the margin percentage.

Due to business problems Michelle thought it best to cancel the Dining and Discounts opportunity. 


The Committee discussed several fundraising opportunities with Go Kids Day, the business with a not-for-profit model that we were introduced to at a recent troop meeting.  Go Kids Day promotes local businesses through Internet advertising and then donates a significant portion of its proceeds to local schools.  For example, they recently gave $2,500 to WBL schools.


The Go Kids Day organization has opportunities for June where the Scouts can participate and raise money for ScoutBucks.   Eight Scouts could sign up for a 2-hour block of time to pass out fliers during Marketfest activities and earn a donation of $16 for their ScoutBucks account.  The boys cannot wear their Class A uniforms when passing out Go Kids Day fliers.  The boys could wear Go Kids Day shirts.  The only thing the boys can sell in their Class A uniform is popcorn.


A decision was made that Go Kids Day would be a good opportunity for the new scouts to earn some ScoutBucks.   We will have sign up sheets at the next troop meeting, and Roger will send out an email to get the word out.


In the fall the boys can also sell “Go Max” cards for $20 each, and 100% of the proceeds will go to their ScoutBucks accounts. 


In addition, the Mainstreet group of White Bear is offering a free spot in the parade behind the Go Kids Day spot to promote Troop 494 in the Manitou Days Parade on June 17th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Brian took a poll of the kids who were present, and about 6 boys said they would be interested in doing it.  This opportunity is independent from the flier distribution fundraising opportunity.  The boys participating in the float can wear their Class A uniforms, but there will be a distinct separation between the boys promoting Go Kids Day and those on the float. If not enough boys are interested in the float, then Mike Cerney will just pull the troop trailer for the float.


Bridget Newman reported on this weekend’s Manitou 15k.  Currently, we have 31 Scouts signed up.  Bridgett voiced concern that there were not enough Scout volunteers to man all the water stations as she has a group that has to man 2 different stations, but Jeff Abel reported that it is not difficult to get to the two different stations if no more volunteered.  Jeff and Roger volunteered to each take a water stop.  She would prefer if all the Scouts signed up now instead of later or just showing up because it is difficult to make assignments the day of.    Roger will send an email communicating that the sign up sheet has been finalized and to let the troop know if you cannot attend.


Currently we have 15 adults plus a couple that were not on the list.  Bridgett reports that adults are always needed as it is easier to fit in adults to manage the Scouts. 


Bridget discussed the need for tables for water stops and registration.  She also reminded everyone to be there at 7:00.  We need large vans to store tables and water jugs in.  Publicity is complete.  We currently have 48 registered runners, which is less than last year.  We are contending with more races this year and with a similarly named race.  Next year we are raising the registration fee to be consistent with similar races.

7. Community Service Subcommittee

No report.

8. Treasurer's Report

No report.

9. Old Business
Roger thanked all of the new adults who have stepped forward as our newest adult leaders.  He thanked them for helping keep our busy troop going: Ryan Solberg - Fundraising Chair; Sheila Thom - Committee Secretary; Mike Pendergast - Fun Night Coordinator; Pat Stoterau - Popcorn Coordinator, and Dave DiSera - Adult Leader Training Coordinator. 

10. New Business 8:15

Roger announced that he has a supply of Eagle Scout neckerchiefs and slides for Eagle Courts of Honor and that we will charge the parents for them.


Lori Weinhold discussed attending the WB Memorial Day parade, but the decision was made to pass on it as other troops are currently involved and we are not affiliated with the VFW.

11. Comments/Closing

MarySue asked that if anyone needs a new sign-up sheet created for a troop activity, please email it to  Brendan and copy his parent’s email account.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20.