November 29, 2011


1.Welcome- Roger Scherping

  • Minutes approved.  Meeting began at 7:07

2. Report from PLC -Brian B.

  • Adopt-a-Family fundraising results: Over $150 was raised.  7 groups are set up for purchasing gifts this year.
  • December Lock-In preparations: Bryan asked patrols to call scouts to remind them to bring items.  The food list is on the website.
  • January Merit Badge Weekend: Bryan reported that the Scouts used survey results to pick the following merit badges:  fire safety, reading, disability awareness, engineering, traffic, chess;  finish up astronomy, maybe cooking, maybe scholarship or safety.  Some of the badges require prework, so the troop needs to do a better job getting the word out with what prerequisites are needed before Christmas.   The signup sheets need to get put out.

3.  Scoutmaster Report- Jim Letourneau

  • Cub Scout fall recruitment update: Jim reported that he has not made connection lately with Pack 529.  He would like to set up a Webelos II meeting with Pack 437 and 402 scouts at the lock-in.   Deb also suggested to set- up a computer program to display our photos from our activities at the lock-in for which members volunteered equipment.
  • Blue and Gold: Packs 437, 402, 529: Jim would like to touch base with packs for what is expected from us for the Blue and Gold banquets.
  • Troop elections February: position and OA elections: The committee decided elections will be Tuesday Feb. 14th and 21st  for OA and troop elections  in order to get it done before the Blue and Gold banquets. The Eagle Expo was also decided to be scheduled for Sunday April. 22th.

4.  Camping Subcommittee -MarySue Abel

  • 2012 Philmont:  Decided that the kickoff meeting will be 12/13.  She is looking for troop volunteers to help plan the trip.
  • January 27: Merit Badge Weekend; Mary Sue was able to reserve Swanson lodge (one big room and 1 small room, kitchen)
  • February 24-26 plans: Scouts decided they wanted to do a day-trip tubing, possibly at Trollhagen, EckoBaken, Green Acres.  Committee liked the Ecko Baken idea.
  • Discussion also was brought up regarding the high adventure trip for 2013.  Suggestion was to maybe take a trip to a non-BSA high adventure camp and start again with the three big ones in 2014.  Summit will then be open which would take pressure off of getting into Philmont.  However, worry is that if we pass may lose spot at Philmont.  This is not likely for Sea Base and Northern Tier.
  • March Planning Weekend is currently planned for Kiwanis with a commercial kitchen.  But we need to get a cook for this because the cook needs to be certified.  
  • Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch- not present

  • Camping store - Jeff Abel: nothing new. Has been at camping store but nothing cheap.  Troop needs to build up a supply of gifts for Scouts crossing over. 

5.  Advancement Subcommittee- Christy Bartlett

  • She announced that there is now a Chess merit badge, Kayaking in spring and Welding is coming.
  • The Eagle project workbook is also changing in January.  We need to train all the Eagle Coaches.   If a Scout has a project that has already been approved by district council then that Scout will be grandfathered in.   The change is in how approvals are given in addition to the assessment piece.  There will be more of a formal write up now.  The project book is out on website, but it may be revised in the future.  Jim reports that in the past troop approval in some troops has been poor and they rely more on the district.  The change forces troops to do a better job in giving feedback.  We already do a good job of this, so he anticipates that it will impact us minimally.  The role of the Eagle Coach is going to be more important in the new process.  The new process puts more ownership on the troop.  There will be more training at the Roundtable. 

 Road to First Class update- Jeff Abel/Joe Mikkelson/Marc Johannsen:

  • Joe reported that there are a few that need to complete fitness test to complete requirement for Scoutmaster conference and that 6 are going though BOR currently.  Jim reported his plan is to get both Scoutmaster conference and BOR done at the December Lock In, so we need to tell the boys to bring their uniforms to the Lock In.
  • Advancement status: nothing to report
  • January Court of Honor will be on the 17th.
  • Merit Badge Weekend Jan. 27 planning will be done by Christy and Roger.


6.  Fundraising Subcommittee - Ryan Solberg

  • Wreaths - Jim Golding; not present.
  • Popcorn-Pat Stoterau: He reported that he still has a few orders that are not filled, but will be soon.  Bonus prizes will be given out soon. The process was confusing, so there is a new form to be filled out to get them.  Regular popcorn sold totaled over $7,000.  Show and deliver was over $2,000.  He does not know how it compares to previous years.
  • Calendars – Roger:  Have had four different people buy off website.  So far, selling has been slower than anticipated, but it may still be early to buy calendars.  The Scouts need to pick up calendars at the troop meeting on December 13 to fill any orders that customers purchased as Christmas gifts.  The webstore has not had any problems so far, and the people using it liked it.  The webstore was one of the key parts of the test of this new fundraiser.

·         Flowers- Michele Willard:  We are all signed up with Gertens and the park for delivery.

7.  Community Service Subcommittee-Jim Hering/Lori Hamlin:

  • Adopt-A-Family shopping December 6: plans and drivers- Ann Cerney:  $170 has been collected.  The family is a grandmother with 3 children.  Brian will organize the boys.  Need drivers to car pool to Vadnais Heights Target.  Several committee members volunteered at meeting.  Class B uniform to be worn that night.
  • An idea of hosting a blood drive was brought up.  It was a proposed Eagle project but an individual Scout cannot host it, the troop could.  The Scouts would help promote it and assist with cookies, beverages, but more information would be needed if the troop was interested.  The committee members thought the troop had enough service projects already on our busy calendar, so it was declined.

8.   Treasurer's Report- Ken-not present but he reported to Roger there is nothing new.

9.  Other:

  • Website update- Tim Willard; Alex will move over the videos from Camp Ripley over to our YouTube website.
  • Adult Leader Training update - Dave DiSera; he needs to email leaders to give info to him about training.
  • Fun Night update: Game room 12/20- Mike Pendergast; next fun night is at the game room.  Jim suggested incorporating a Christmas/Holiday party into it.  PLC to decide.
  • Rechartering - due January 5- Scott Wisgerhof is handling; Roger reported it is going ok.
  • Friends of Scouting kickoff will be at the January Court of Honor.


10.  Old Business:

  • Bill Johnson questioned status of inventory of trailer.  Jim reported it is near completion.  The committee decided it needs to be done by year end since it has taken a long time so far.
  • Pat Stoterau said he will continue to lead popcorn sales next year.


11.  New Business:

  • Reminder that there is no committee meeting in December. Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm