September 27, 2011


1.  Welcome:  Roger Scherping

·        Meeting began at 7:00.  Minutes approved from last meeting.

1A  Agenda addition:  Bryan B. Eagle Scout project presentation-

·        His proposed project is to build 4 benches at the amphitheater at Polar Lakes Park, making a concrete pad and poly wood benches.  He gave a description of the process, materials and labor needed.  Feedback and recommendations were given by Committee members.  He would like to get the project done yet this fall if weather holds out and he gets approval from the District Committee.  The project was approved by committee members with noted recommended changes.


2. Report from PLC:Brian B.-  

·        Bryan reported that the PLC met and had several ideas to raise money for the Adopt a Family event including 1) setting up a donation booth at the Girls Night Out event in downtown White Bear Lake on Oct. 20th  2) Healthy Glow Tanning Studio offered to take donations and collect items at their place of business 3) put out a donation box when selling popcorn 4) have a car wash at St. Stephen’s church.  Unfortunately, the Girls Night Out idea would not be allowed since there is wine being served in the same building.  The car wash was decided on as it seemed easy to do and quick, along with putting a donation bucket out at the popcorn table.  Their goal is to raise $500 (the same money as last year) to support one family.  Ann Cerney has the donation buckets from last year.

·        Bryan proposed for an upcoming meeting to do a tent demo after observing at prior campouts where many of the boys struggled. But after discussion it would be better to wait until spring for this when the we are once again camping outside. 

·        For Merit Badge Weekend he proposed a list of merit badges including Music, American Heritage, Reading, and Robotics.  He needs to chat with Christy Bartlett about what badges will be available at Merit Badge Weekend.

3.  Scoutmaster Report :Jim Letourneau -  

·        Jim gave an update regarding the Cub Scout recruitment.  The meeting with Pack 437 went well.  The Boy Scouts who volunteered were a little overwhelmed with the large number of Cub Scouts there but did well preparing the Cub Scouts to sell wreaths and popcorn.   We need to make sure we make a connection there for next year’s meeting. 

·        Pack 402 would like to join us at the Lock In.  Jim made a contact with Pack 529, and he is still waiting to hear from them.  In summary, 494 could have up to 16 new Scouts with 437 and 402 crossing over; more if 529 joins.

4.  Camping Subcommittee : MarySue Abel- not present

·        No new update on 2012 Philmont but as far we know: October (Backpacking) Afton is set.  November (Merit Badge Weekend) Pat reported that he got confirmation that Camp Ripley is formally reserved for Nov 11-13th.  December is Lock In on the 10th.

·        As far as January and February plans PLC reports they were thinking about Eagle Cave (it could not be on Jan 7th as that is reserved to assist with Pack 437 cooking at Polar Camp).  They thought maybe a one day sledding activity for February.

·        Quartermaster Report - Rick Rausch- Inventory is a in progress.  Jim wondered if it would be possible to make it be electronic.  It could be a project for Nick or Adam.

·        Camping store - Jeff Abel- not present.             

5.  Advancement Subcommittee: Christy Bartlett-  


·        Road to First Class update -

o       Mark Johannsen reported that 6 kids are almost completed with the Tenderfoot badge, some just waiting for a Scoutmaster conference.  Some of the kids have not been able to make it to meetings, but they should be able be able to attend soon.  Overall they are moving along well.   

·        Christy reported that there has been a lot of advancement activity and the ranks are fairly even. 

·        Merit Badge Coordinator position is now open.  Roger would like to work with Christy on this.  Jim said his son may be interested. 

·        Communication merit badge starts this Monday.   Family Life merit badge is being offered.  Deb Clarke and Christy will coordinate any boys working on both.  If anyone is interested is doing a non-Eagle required badge let Christy know.  Mark Johannsen offered to do the Safety badge.  Christy gave a reminder that the boys should initiate telling her what they are interested in working on. 

·        Same W. got his project approved by the District.  Quite a few scouts are working on concept ideas.

·        Oct 16th is tentative date for Jordan Beckers’ Eagle Court of Honor

·        We are still working on getting Rohan A’s advancement records from his old troop.  His brother has transferred to Pack 437.


6.  Fundraising Subcommittee :Ryan Solberg

·        Roger reported that Mark Sather verbally reported that he can get us the Mataska Park for free if we remove our own garbage.  Mark is sending the forms.

·        Jim Golding should bring more wreath forms and information to the next troop meeting.  Roger will remind him.

·        Pat Stoterau reported that selling popcorn at the gas station went well, selling approximately $300 worth.  It was slow in the morning but then picked up early afternoon.  There were not enough boys for the 2-6 shift.  Christy will connect with Pack 437 to see if they want to sell popcorn as well since that was the original agreement with the station.  Brendan A. to make online sign-up sheets.  Deb Clarke has them currently.   Roger will send out an email asking for more volunteers and telling boys they can sign up for more than one time.  

·        Roger presented final selections made for calendar fundraiser.  Now need to set up E-commerce website which is a really cool site.  He reported there might be more opportunity to use the site for other things.  Food for thought. 

7.  Community Service Subcommittee: Jim Hering

·        Feed My Starving Children is Oct. 18.  Meet at Cubs Foods parking lot at 5pm in lieu of Scout meeting that night.  Sign-up sheets are out.  There are 50 spots available.  We need about 38 Scouts and 12 adults to drive.


8.   Treasurer's Report :Ken-  not present 


9.   Other        

·       Website update: Tim Willard- not present.

o      Roger reported that Picasso website had a glitch of some sort and deleted all of our pictures from 2010 Tomahawk except 1.  Committee members have started to download them again.  Apparently, the website is for web sharing not for picture storage.  We need to set up a computer to sync with.   Roger is talking with Tim and Steve about our options.

·       Adult Leader Training update: Dave DiSera-

o      Dave got National and District lists, but they are not accurate. National list is more accurate than district.  Myscouting .org is another way to see what has been done online as there is a training verification tab that can be used.  The only way to have a database that is accurate is to make our own.  Can the advancement database keep any of this info?  Christy says that the Troop Database can, but we have to collect all the info from the Committee members, add the codes as well.  Roger will get Dave the training records we have on the website.

o      University of Scouting is Oct. 29th.  Will make an announcement and Mark will print off the catalog

·        Fun Night update: Mike Pendergast- not present

o       Mini-golf was well attended and fun for the boys.

o       Boys will decide for either Base Camp at Fort Snelling or Vertical Endeavors for Nov. 1.  So far, more boys were interested in Base Camp where there are multiple things to do including: a flight simulator and climbing walls.


10.  Old Business-

·        Roger reported that many of our new parents have stepped up for leadership positions.  Tom McAlpine will help with the Manitou race publicity and Sunday weekly emails.  Shawa Galatzer wants to be the Adult Historian.  Scott Wisgerhof will do membership duties.  Lori Hamlin will take over as Community Service Coordinator.  Mark Johannsen will do Friends of Scouting (FOS) duties.

11.  New Business – Jim and Roger will go to the next Rotary meeting October 12 to give a presentation of what the troop has done in the past year.

12.  Comments/Closing- meeting adjourned at 8:55