Adult Guidelines

(from the Troop 494 Guidelines)

 These guidelines summarize the manner is which all parents and registered adult leaders are expected to behave in dealing with the boys in our troop.  The guidelines set the expectations for appropriate adult behavior.  

  1. Adults will treat all boys in our troop in a positive, respectful manner at all times.
  2. No boy in our troop will be given more favorable treatment than any other boy. Conversely, no boy will be singled out for adverse treatment.
  3. Adults will always follow their training on Safe Scouting, especially the principle of two-deep leadership.
  4. If an adult has an issue with a boy and the adult is not able to handle that issue in a positive, constructive manner, then the adult will immediately consult with the Scoutmaster or another adult to handle the issue.  
  5. Adults will not engage in negative behaviors such as yelling at, belittling, harassing, or bullying any boy in our troop.  Our troop will be a safe haven from this type of treatment.    
  6. In their roles as authority figures, adults will enforce only the adherence to our troop guidelines, not their own personal preferences.  
  7. Adults will remember that the Scoutmaster has responsibility for enforcing our troop guidelines for disciplining of the boys.
  8. At all times the safety of the boys is our most important concern.  An adult is expected to take immediate action to protect a boy whenever his safety is an issue.
  9. Adults will follow the roles and responsibilities established by the troop committee for dealing with the boys.