Annual Troop Planning Guide

Activity Troop Meetings Campout Fundraising Service/Other Committee Activity
January Court of Honor
Spearhead or Eagle Cave

Eagle Scout Scholarships due

Ski/snowboard event

Start FOS (announce at Court of Honor)

District Klondike Derby (1-day)

Pack 437 Polar Camp

February Troop and OA elections
Dog Sledding
Flower sales start
Gray Wolf selections begin Annual review of troop guidelines

Ski/snowboard event
Pack 437 Pinewood Derby District Recognition Awards

Begin planning Tomahawk

Adult OA elections
Planning Weekend
Flower sales end

Early Tomahawk signup for current year by Apr 15

Scouting for Food
Sign up for Tomahawk for the following year by May 1
    Pack 437 Blue and Gold
Troop 494 Eagle Expo
Make FMSC reservation
 Tomahawk Campership requests due (Council and Troop)
    Gray Wolf selections due
May Tomahawk Parents Meeting   
White water rafting
Flower delivery
Heritage Park Cleanup

 Patrol box inspection
District Merit Badge Weekend
June Court of Honor
Bike trip or backpacking
Manitou 15K

Annual presentation to White Bear Rotary
 Swim Test  

July Bear talk
Set up compost fundraiser
Relay for Life
No committee meeting
High Adventure

Promote Cub Scout Open Hs
  Patrol Campout
September New Scout and Parents Night
Canoe trip
Start popcorn wreath sales (announce at Court of Honor)
Pack 437 Meeting
Flyer Handout Christ the king

Troop Recharter
(announce at Court of Honor)
 Court of Honor
 OA Fall Conclave   Cub Scout Open House
 Tent inspections
District Camporee
October 6-month patrol leadership switch
Fishing Campout
Popcorn and wreath sales end
Feed My Starving Children

   Composting fundraiser
November Patrol box inspection Scouting Skills

RTFC Campout
Popcorn and wreath delivery

Fun night 1st Tuesday
No committee meeting (skip either November or December)
December Xmas party