Eagle Scout Gifts

Our troop gives its Eagles Scouts a flag and an axe as Eagle Scout gifts.  Both are personalized for them. 



We can buy the official BSA axes from the Scout Shop. 

We can buy the same Trouper axe from Menards for a much cheaper price. However, they do not have the BSA insignia.  A sheet of Scout-insignia stickers must be purchased from the Scout Shop for these axes.

We also buy BSA sheaths at the Scout Shop.  These sheaths do carry the Scout insignia.

We also need to order the plaques with the Scout's name and the date of their Eagle Board of Review. The axe plates are attached to the handle of the axe.  They take about a week to receive and are ordered from Hisdahl’s in White Bear Lake using the following template.  Plate Brass (taped)  -- 0.5 inch x 6.5 inches.  Font – Century 2 Line.  The date used is the date of his Eagle Scout Board of Review.


John Doe ~ Eagle Scout, Troop 494 ~ August 27, 2008



The flags are ordered from our congressman individually for each Scout.  Here is a link to the website for more information, including pricing:


It is not feasible to stockpile flags since each one is customized with the Scout's name along with the month and year of his Eagle Board of Review.  

These take a long time to receive, so we usually don't have them in time for the boy’s Court of Honor.

Complete the form found on the website.  Select a 3x5 cotton flag.  Specify what you want the certificate to say:

This flag was flown for      name       of Troop 494 in honor of his attainment of Eagle Scout rank on     date    .