High Adventure Planning Guidelines

These guidelines will help the High Adventure Subcommittee in planning all High Adventure trips.

Recruit Participants
Announce the High Adventure trip at troop meetings and in all troop communications
Develop a sign up sheet listing the dates and the estimated cost of the trip and crew size limits

Establish High Adventure Subcommittee and Hold Initial Planning Meeting
Camping Chair forms a High Adventure Planning Subcommittee
Recruit adults for the High Adventure Planning Subcommittee
Recruit Scouts for the High Adventure Planning Subcommittee
Hold an initial planning meeting

Assign roles and responsibilities for planning process
Develop event timeline for all aspects of the trip

Develop payment schedule for Scout Bucks payments
Determine medical form requirements
Develop training requirements (first aid and other)
Develop age, rank and merit badge requirements
Develop preparation activities (hikes, campouts, physical conditioning, etc.)
Develop High Adventure Participant Rules form

Plan a mandatory Signup Meeting for all interested participants

Participants' Responsibilities
Submit signed High Adventure Participant Rules form
Submit medical forms
Submit insurance information
Submit training forms/certifications

Submit other parent/participant signatures as necessary

Participate in troop activities as agreed

Participate in preparation activities as agreed

Participate in training as agreed
Event Planning
Confirm reservation for event
Make down payment for event
Arrange for transportation, both long-distance and local
Make down payment for transportation, both long-distance and local
Arrange for any special early-arrival or late-departure needs
Arrange for any special food requirements (vegetarian, allergies, etc.)
Plan a service project for the trip, if required
Complete on-line tour permit
Complete other forms as necessary
Design and order troop shirts, if desired
Finalize crew lists; communicate to event organization

Ensure that all participants are registered Scouters
Select crew leaders

Verify participants against age, rank and merit badge requirements
Verify participants' Scout Buck payments against Participant Rules
Check with all participants who are not meeting Participant Rules
Committee to make final decision on participants who need to be dropped

Participant Preparation Events
Plan all participant preparation events (hikes, campouts, physical conditioning, etc.)
Take attendance at all preparation events

Arrange for necessary participant group training
Get certifications for participant training
Determine final cost of trip
Communicate payment terms to participants and troop Treasurer
Communicate Scout Bucks payments to troop Treasurer as payments are due
Monitor progress payments of all participants against Participant Rules
Make final payments for event
Make final payments for travel arrangements, long-distance and local

Determine participants' equipment lists and communicate to participants
Determine crew/troop gear requirements
Acquire necessary crew/troop gear
Ship crew/troop gear, if necessary, prior to departure
Make arrangements for any supplies or provisions requirements
Make arrangements to ship back crew/troop gear, if necessary

Communicate monthly with Camping Chair and troop Committee on progress
Get final Committee approval on major aspects of trip

Hold a mandatory Signup meeting with all interested participants

Collect signed High Adventure Participant Rules forms from interested participants

Develop objective participant selection process if trip will not accommodate everyone interested
Communicate with crew members, parents and alternates monthly on progress
Hold periodic parents' meetings to review requirements with parents

Communicate the importance of the medication requirements (current, in dual containers, etc.)
Send final communication letter to participants and parents 2 weeks before departure
Committee makes final decision on crews and participants
Finalize drivers for the tour permit; collect necessary drivers' information for tour permit
Hold final shakedown meeting and final inspection days before departure
Designate a contact individual at home for communications with and updates from crew
Give parents the name and contact information of contact individual

Meet at rendezvous point
Final gear check
Have medical and all other required forms

Have all medications current and in dual containers
Wear Class A uniforms for traveling
Assemble drivers
Arrange for transportation upon return