Schedule an Eagle Scout Board of Review


When an Eagle Scout has had his Scoutmaster conference and his signed paperwork is turned in to the District office, then we wait for a call that it is time to schedule his Eagle Board of Review.


The district will call our Committee Chairman and tell him to talk to the boy and have him provide a variety of times over the next few weeks when he would be available for his Board.  Once the Committee Chairman has those dates and times, he forwards them to the district and awaits their decision on when the Board will be held.


The purpose of the Eagle Board of Review is for a panel of adults to interview the boy to determine if he is truly worthy of becoming an Eagle Scout.


When the district lets us know the date they have selected, then the Committee Chairman needs to make arrangements:


1.  Recruit 3-4 adults to serve on the Board of Review by sending an email to the troop Committee providing the date and asking for volunteers.  Absolutely anyone is eligible to serve on the board, with the exception of registered Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters.  The adults chosen can be parents (not the boy's parents), Committee members, Scouters, or even people not involved in Scouting at all.  We should provide at least 3 adults, and the district will usually be the fourth and may bring someone else.  There should be 3-6 members total on the Board.


2.  Arrange a place to hold the Board.  Our preferred location is the committee chambers at White Bear City Hall.  The contact to schedule the chambers is 429-8504.  At City Hall we can also use the upstairs conference room or the expansion room.  Another option at the Public Training building next door is their training room; the contact is 429-8549.


3.  Call the Scoutmaster and tell him the time and location so that he can introduce the Scout to the Board.


4.  Confirm everything to everyone in an email.