Website Photo and Video Selecting Process

Photo Selecting Instructions

We will post on our website up to 50 photos from a weekend campout and 100 from a week-long campout.  Select the best pictures as follows:


Don’t select:

Duplicates of the same basic picture

Photos of poor quality

Pictures that don’t show people or anything related to the campout

Pictures that would be embarrassing to anyone


Do select:

Pictures that show as many different people as possible

Nice group shots

Pictures of good quality

Action pictures

Funny pictures

Nice scenery pictures

Pictures that show what it’s like to camp with our troop



Video Selecting Instructions


Don’t select inappropriate videos, videos of poor quality, or videos that are embarrassing to anyone.

Select videos that are of good quality and that show more than one member of our troop, if possible.  Action videos or funny videos are the best.  Mostly, choose videos that show how much fun we have camping together.


Maximum of 3-4 videos from one campout

No long videos (3-5 minutes maximum length)