Old Folks of Scouting

We have a great many adult leaders who have given and continue to give of their time and talent to keep Troop 494 the biggest, most active, and best troop in the district.  But there are certain adults who deserve special recognition for their outstanding dedication to the troop.

The winners of Troop 494's Old Folks of Scouting award have been active in our troop for many years, and they remain active even though their boys are no longer enrolled in our troop.  These adults help pass on our troop’s history and traditions to the newer leaders.  Many of them were there when our troop was founded and many of its principles were established.  These adult leaders make sure that our current leadership doesn’t rest on its laurels but instead keeps the bar high when it comes to the quality of our  program.

There are three requirements for this award:

  • Must have been an active adult leader when their son (or sons) were in our troop
  • Must have at least one son who made Eagle with our troop
  • Must have remained as an active adult leader in our troop for years after their last son left
The OFOS patch is awarded at the Family Dinner campfire on Wednesdays at Tomahawk.

The winners of this award are:

No winner

No winner

No winner

Rick Rausch

Ken Rowe
Roger Scherping

Bill Johnson
Jim Letourneau
Deb and John Clarke