February 12

Feb 12, 2018-   Troop 494 Committee Meeting


Due to the committee meeting being cancelled on January 29, we had a shortened Committee meeting and did not follow the normal agenda.  These notes will cover the items covered.



·         The last few campouts went well but scout turnout was still low.

·         March- Planning Campout is good to go

o   Need to make sure that either Client or John Mercier attend so we can use Dinning hall

·         April- Leaders Choice Campout will be the District Merit Badge weekend at Fred Andersen Scout Camp

·         May- We are going to attend the Ripley Rendezvous 2019, at Camp Ripley instead of Rock Climbing due to cost vs climbing time. 

·         June- We are going to put out a sign-up sheet for Paul Bunyan Bike Trip, and have a cut off date in May to determine if we will have the trip or not.   Campsites have been booked for the Bike Trip already.   Research into camping around Itasca instead of Biking found that group sights were already booked and not available.

·         July- Tomahawk has been booked and troop website and sign up sheets have been updated.

o   New Cost Structure has been posted on the camping site (no reduced fees for Adults)

o   Adults staying over 2 nights are required to be registered with BSA and have youth protection (no exceptions)

Scouting for food

·         We are going to cancel the May 4, scouting for food and reschedule due to the fact that we would have 4 weekends in a row of Scouting activities.  We will try and reschedule in the summer.


·         Kick off will be 2/29

·         Money collection will be March 26

·         Flower pickup will be May 11

·         Troop store is updated

o   Mark and Ken are looking to see if we can implement PayPal prior to kick off

Troop Store

·         Due to increasing costs we are going to try and replace are merchant bank with PayPal.

o   If this can happen, we will shut down the merchant bank account ASAP

o   PayPal does allow the use of personal credit cards and does not require monthly fees like merchant bank.

·         Web store vendor increased cost for the troop from free to $30.00 per month

o   Update:  Vendor will allow us to turn off site for a reduced cost of $15.00 per month.  Researching Impact

o   Moving forward Troop will break even on fundraising activities for Scouts- Scott will work with Deb and Jennifer on how approach.

Fun Night

·         Planned for night of April 9

o   Will is working details

Troop Finances

·         Troop was over planned budget for 2018

·         The following items will be implemented

o   Reduce costs

§  Web store changes

§  Breakeven on Fund raising for the troop

§  Other items as identified

o   Changes in fees

§  Change in leaders’ fees for campouts

§  Increase in troop dues by $25.00

·         $25.00 in dues will be collected each year.

o   Rechartering troop dues (remains at $25.00)

o   June 1 dues $25.00 (this will be effective June 1, 2019)

§  Reinstatement of mandatory troop fees on campouts of $1.50 per night for camp gear/ misc. expenses (propane, garbage pages, etc., etc.)

o   This increase will be evaluated in 2019

Other Items

·         Snow Cubs- Pack needs to give us more than a couple days’ notice of this event so we can make sure we have scouts and leaders at the event to cook dinner, etc., etc.

·         Eagle gifts- Flag plus new eagle gifts costs will be around $100.00 per eagle.  We are going to continue to provide the flag (around $30.00) but look for another gift that has less of a cost

·         Family Scouting- Scott has received application to set up a separate girl’s troop.  We will complete this once we have interest

·         Troop Positions

o   Scott Wisgerhof announced he will be stepping down as committee chair as of July 31.  The troop is required to have a committee chair so we need someone to step up.  His goal is that someone will step up and take over this position.  He will be giving the rotary a heads up if a replacement is not found by the end of May

o   We still need a troop Secretary, all adult leaders to discuss these opportunities with new and existing parents as we need them to step up and taking on these roles for the troop.