February 27

1.  Welcome- Scott welcomed Holly who will be helping with the weekly emails an Court of Honors.

3.  Scoutmaster Report -Marc Johannson reported he will looking for 2 Grey wolf candidates 13-15 year olds.  Marc will work with Jen to see who is eligible.  The uniforms are getting a little lax.  He will be talking about this in upcoming meetings.  He is working on building patrols back up and will have specific procedures during the meetings to do this.

4.  Camping Committee  - Eric Bergquist – No sledding for the rest of the winter season at Boy Scout camp and events.

Planning Campout -  March 23-25 at Kiwanis Clint and John M have kitchen certifications for kitchen duties; would like to have the OA election but need to have at least 50% of the scouts present to do so. Committee members please come if can since the Silver Beaver event will take away some members that evening.  Family Campout - April 13-15 at Stearns Camp by Annadale with the Pack 437.  Kitchen available.  There is lots of room for sleeping over night inside or outside.  PLC needs to start planning activities.  John can bring supplies for making T-shirt design nominations for Manitou 15k.   Zip Line Campout - May 18-20. Eric is looking into options in either Jordan or Trollhagen.  The campout will be at least $100.  The committee decided to investigate Trollhagen more. Eric will call to see if they can open a week earlier to avoid switching campout dates.  Tomahawk - July 14-21 scout $340, $360 first year scouts, adult $130.  April 1st is deadline for the older scout programs.  Eric will start promoting it in the beginning of March.  Schedule has reverted back to free Friday.  High Adventure: 2018 FSB: Sheila Thom reported that Adult training is being set up currently.  Of 5 adults going to SeaBase Chris and Jim need trainings.  Mike, Mark and Sam are currently certified in both.   Next meeting is TBD, likely April when next payment is due; travel arrangements have been made. 2019 High Adventure was decided by the scouts to be at the Texas High Adventure Base participating in the Chisholm Trail Adventure.  Longhorn Council staff report that they do not take reservations for 2019 until after 2018 has finished; most camps are full by Feb. of same year. They only have weeks in June and July so High Adventure will be moved for 2019.  Commitment letters will be need and an adult to take over coordinating.  Jim report all is fine regarding Quartermaster duties.


5.  Advancement Committee – Jennifer reports that the next COH is in June and Holly will be helping.  Advancement status is: 2 new scouts, 2 Tenderfoot, 1 2nd Class, 8 1st Class, 7 Star, 13 Life, 2 Eagle.  Ken Hall reported that Dan started the Communications merit badge; Personal Fitness is next up.  Merit badge weekend is coming up in April 27-28 at Fred C.  Road to First Class update: Joe reported he will coordinate with some of the older boys who need to use the EDGE method. No update regarding Road to Life.

6.  Report from PLC – Zach reported plan for the month including voting for SPL and ASPL, planning weekend, committee made recommendations of activities as well.                                   

7.  Fundraising Committee  -Flower Sales  Molly Barth Sale has started.  Discussed having a booth morning of but decided against.  Money Turn in will be Tuesday March 27-Committee meeting will still be held same night.   Webstore will close March 25thManitou 15K is Sat June 2.  Patty Brown has concerns about the trail around the lake and how it may influence the certification of the race.  Committee will have to keep watch in the news regarding progression. 

8.  Community Service Committee -John Mercier - Heritage Park Clean up  Tuesday  April 17, Scouting for Food Sat will be moved May 5th.     

9.    Fun Night: none scheduled                                                                                                 

10.   Treasurer's Report Deb gone.  Accounts balanced, still working on keeping accounts current.

11.  Other -Friends of Scouting Patty – will continue to push it until May, only have had 12 responses so far.    

12.  Old Business      Re-chartering – 5 boys Eagled out, 8 boys left the troop, 32 have officially re-chartered + 4 new = 36: Still the largest Troop in the district.

13.  New Business Relay for Life July 27th, White Bear Lake Clean up is March 10th 10am – will put it on the next troop meeting agenda.  Committee is considering buying new merit badge books but would like donations first so please check if you have any.