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Surplus Supplies

We have the great opportunity to use Federal Government Surplus items that the Troop can acquire.  This page lists the items that are currently available.

Here is the current items:

1.  Medium ALICE pack - This is the green pack that needs to be attached to the ALICE pack frame.

2.  Large ALICE pack - This is also a green pack that will carry enough gear for a weekend.  This does need to be attached to the ALICE pack frame.

3.  ALICE pack frame - This is a metal frame that has the shoulder straps and the waist belt attached.

4.  Snow shoes - These are brand new magnesium military issue snowshoes.  These do include the strap bindings.  The bindings need to be attached to the snow shoe.

5.  Half tent shelters - These half tents include one pole, metal stakes, and canvas.  Two of these can be snapped together to create a pup tent.

6.  Straps - These are roughly 48" long and have metal cam locking buckles.

7.  Mosquito netting - This is fits in the canvas tents that are used at Tomahawk.

If you are interested in using any of these items please contact Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Abel.