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Tomahawk Campership Application



Troop 494 wants all of its Scouts to participate in all of its campouts so that the Scouts benefit from all that Scouting has to offer.  The troop sets aside funds each year to assist those boys for whom cost is an obstacle.  All requests for these Campership funds are made confidentially to the Committee Chair. 

We ask all Scouts who are seeking assistance in paying for Tomahawk to complete this form.  These are the requirements:

  • Submit this form to the Committee Chair by May 31. 
  • Submit the Northern Star Council’s “Summer/Winter Campership Form” by June 1. 
  • Demonstrate that the Scout has attempted to raise the money to pay for Tomahawk by participating in our troop’s fundraisers.


Scout’s name ___________________________________________

Parents’ names __________________________________________

Parents’ phone   H__________________C__________________W________________


The following information can be obtained from the Troop Treasurer:

Current ScoutBucks balance $_________________

Fundraisers the Scout has participated in during the past year and funds raised:

     Flowers $______________         Bagging $__________________

     Wreaths $______________         Popcorn $__________________

     Manitou 15k $______________ 

     Other ____________________________________ $__________________


Family circumstances that make this request necessary:






What portion of the total Tomahawk fee do you feel that the Scout and his family will be able to pay $_______________.

_________________________________  __________________________________

       Scout Signature                                                        Parent’s Signature


Please submit your request to the Committee Chair.  Your request and the decision will not be shared
with anyone besides the Committee Chair and the Troop Treasurer.