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Flower & Plant Sale


Flower & Plant Sale 2021

Sale Dates - February 16th to March 28th

Checks Due - March 30th

Gertens Delivery - May 8th: anytime between 8 AM - 10 AM

Set Up & Sorting - More to Come

Flower Pick Up - More to Come

Forms available to download and print:

Plant Sale Instructions

Flower Website Flyer

Sale Order Form

Flowers Flyer

Take Order Sales Summary - Use this spreadsheet to gather all of your take order sales. This will help you complete the Scout Summary Form once available. 

Scout Summary Form - Enter all take orders into this form. See instructions below.

Instructions to submit your orders after the Webstore closes:

    • If you are logged onto a Google account please logout of that account before you proceed.
    • Complete Scout Summary Form - total all of your "in-person" orders using the Scout Summary Form. Any orders from the webstore will already be accounted for, so do NOT include on-line orders.
    • Enter your name, email address and the total number of flowers by item. Double check your work!
    • If you need to change your order after you submit it, contact Becky Baltzer ( and she will make the adjustment.
    • If you cannot submit your order before 7:00 on March 30th, you will be able to enter it at the church, however we prefer you enter it beforehand.
    • Only checks will be accepted -- No cash. Have your parents write a check to Troop 494 if any of your customers paid in cash.
    • Your order will not be accepted unless it is paid in full.

Questions?  Contact Becky Baltzer at 651-983-3327 or