January 30



1.  Scott welcomed everyone and started the meeting.  No Eagle proposals today.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannson Committee discussed moving the PLC meeting to 6:30 to get more participation.  March 24th is planning weekend.  Marc has been elected to be a Silver Beaver. Congratulations!  The recognition dinner is the same evening as planning meeting so he will not be there for evening activities.

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist:  Joe reported that the January Cinema Campout was fun and the boys were able to get a real understanding of what it took to make a movie. The created movies will be put onYou Tube and shared at a troop meeting.  Feb campout is Skiing/ Tubing, Feb 4, at Trollhagen.  10 kids are signed up currently. An email will go out tonight to encourage participation a little more.  The event is open to the whole council so there should be a lot of scouts there.  Erik will be going to Tomahawk Orientation this weekend. Reservations will be made in April. The Planning Campout is March 23-25.  The whole troop will be invited  to plan the years activities.  The sign-up sheet is online.  April Campout is April 13-15, Family Campout with Pack 437 at Stearns.  The Pack is promoting it now and the whole family is welcome per the name.  The scouts should start to think about planning activities.  2 large cabins are rented. 

High Adventure: Sheila reported that 2018 Sea Base preparations are coming along.  Airfare ($393+baggage fees) is reserved along with the vans.  The adult training is being coordinated.  Travis would need to have 5 minimum to make it worthwhile.  The training could promote at Round Table.  Crews are formed.  Travel payment due now ~$400.  Next payment is April 18th $372.    2019 High Adventure is being narrowed down by the scouts and will involve several troop meetings with final pick by the end of February.

5.  Quartermaster Jim – The committee supported buying new can openers.  No update on the Quick Connect camp lights.

6.  Advancement Committee – Jennifer absent.  Advancement status: 3 new Eagles, lots and lots of Life’s, 3 new scouts to the troop since last meeting. Ken Hall reports snow sports finishing is up.  Next up is Communications by Mr. Hunter.  Ken is looking for a Communications helper, then maybe Personal Fitness after Communications.  Road to First Class update by Joe who reports he is the leader currently since Pete left. Scouts are on track, but another leader to volunteer would be great.  The Pack will have 7-8 boys cross over in the fall.  Road to Life update - Dan Feidt is back!  He will need to catch up a little. 

6.  Report from PLC – Zach reported the plan for upcoming meetings:  Feb 6th.  High Adventure to get researchers to look at the different camps to promote options, 13th researchers will present and flowers; 20th advancements plus ball game with scout oath and law.  5 members at PLC tonight. Committee suggested more items that need to be incorporated.      

  7. Fundraising Committee – Molly Barth reported that she will be getting Gertens info this week for the flower Sales with a May 12 delivery date.  Orders in April 6th, money turn in will be end of March sometime; may need to switch committee meeting since spring break interfers.  Bill gave Molly shelter reservation form

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier  Heritage Park Clean-up is April 17.  Bill will talk to city to see if they have extra wood chips to spread out.  Adopt-a-Family letter was presented by Scott to the committee for all to read which was very complementary.                

9.    Fun Night occurred with 13 participants, no issues.                                                                                         

10.   Treasurer's Report - Deb reported that quite a few accounts that are not current with $1600 overdrawn.   Deb will send out notifications. Scott and Deb will discuss further how to communicate the need to deposit funds.  The Committee discussed how to use a current large donation and decided to split it up: $1000 Troop Camping gear, $1000 Troop supplies, $3000 subsidize camping events (not related to scout sponsorship since there are adequate funds already there).

11.  Other - Patty Started Friends of Scouts fundraising last Tuesday collecting $4500.  The goal is $5500 thanks to Scotts discussion with the council.   32 scouts rechartered.  Troop 494 is still the largest in the district even with drop in numbers.  :Axe count: Scott has 6, 3 are pledged.  Scott will check to see on exact number of axes left and communicate when to order the new Eagle troop gifts.  Trentons Eagle Court of Honor is Feb 18th.        

12.  Old Business – Clint reports health forms are good through the end of the month that is was in.  For example if  forms singed July 1st then they expire July 31st 2018 which means that those forms could be good for two yearly campouts depending on when the event is.     

13.  New Business will need to start to decide how to include girls in the troop.