July 31

July 31, 2019 Troop 494 Committee Minutes


1. Welcome – Scott- meeting began.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannson reported that Tomahawk was great this year despite the transition of very few older boys there this year.  The Chinese New Year family dinner was wonderful. Scott reported that there were a few comments regarding the duty rooster tasks not being performed by the scouts.  Marc reported the boys were trying to do more on there own this year.  The troop did not participate in any of the afternoon activities.  The boys were doing things not just not as a whole troop.  Maybe next year the Patrols could have a competition to build more unit moral. 

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist.  See above forTomahawk review.  Namekagon campout is September 7-9, more sign ups are needed.  October 6th is the District Pumpkin Campout at Game Haven Scout camp.  The boys need to design and build a Trebuche for this event.  It will take some planning and prep to they need to start building it now.  It will take several meetings and possible Saturdays to complete before the camp.  Sheila reported that the SeaBase crews are participating currently in Florida.  The commitment letter and requirement info is online and will be presented during events in August. 


5.  Quartermaster – Jim not present.  Eric reports that the smaller pop up canopies are broke.  Discussed buying options of buying another larger canopy could be used to cover the kitchen, but the troop is decreasing and the smaller canopies are more portable.  Decided to buy 2 smaller canopies, 12x12, seal the trailer roof, the new light on the new trailer needs to be fixed and to purchase new wash bins (18- John M. will get) along with sanitizer to begin a new sanitization process.


6.  Advancement Committee - Jennifer Koskie is the new Advancement chair; no new update but had 6 rank advancements at Tomahawk.   Clint reported that the District reports the biggest quitting age is 15 since many have reached Eagle rank and do not feel the pressure to continue on.  Eagle aces are gone.  The new Troop gift will be the bronze Eagle statue.  Scott will send a pic around.  October 15th is the bridge over from Pack 437.  Will have to get info to the Webelos for the Eagle Cave reservation.  The next COH is Sept 18th Ken reports he would like confirmation from Jack to continue having advancement night the third Tues of the month.  Nov Campout is Troop Fall Merit badge campout. Joe presented a RTFC  update which included that a couple of the boys advanced in rank over Tomahawk.  Dan Feidt not present for Road to Eagle report.  Scott will talk to Dan to see if he can still commit to this.  Another Eagle coach is needed.

6.  Report from PLC - Jack not present tonight.                    

7.  Fundraising Committee – No update for wreaths and popcorn except Clint reports that the Popcorn sell dates are Oct 21- Oct 28thComposting is tentative for October 27.  Scott will set up.  The Troop can look at different charities this year to support since sister Kathy has moved.   This will have to be taken up at a Troop meeting to decide what direction to take.  One option is to ask First Presbyterian what charities they support.

8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier reports that Feed My Starving Children is Tues, October 16th

9.    Fun Night  - Will McMillen is the new Fun Night coordinator.  He is setting up the Troop picnic next week and needs someone to pick up the reserved grill.  John M volunteered.


10.   Treasurer's Report – Deb reports that Tomahawk receipts should be turned in by September 1st.      

11.  Other - Joe M recommends people to look at Flicker albums of Tomahawk; Librarian, Alex T., weeded out the old editions of merit badge books and will be getting new bins. 

12.  Old Business - none      

13.  New Business - Sept 20th School night for Scouting to recruit     Current incentive is a Scout pocket knife for both the friend and the recruiter.