June 27

June 27, 2017 Troop 494 Committee Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome - Scott welcomed everyone to the condensed version of the Committee meeting.

2. Eagle Project Proposal – Zach Thom proposed his Eagle project of making a new gate box for the WBLAHS Alpine ski team. The committee asked questions, gave feedback and approved his project to go ahead to the district level.

3. Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannsen reported that the Devils Gorge on the Superior Hiking Trail went well and all scouts did very well despite the rain; all had good attitudes and physically handled the 12 mile hike.

4. Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist reported that Tomahawk is coming along; the scouts were approved for their merit badges; Jim is ordering the T-shirts tomorrow; the drivers are set. There are 27 scouts and 11 FT adults staying the week. The numbers are a little lower than last year. Clint reports the med forms are almost done except for a couple adults which he does not expect issues with. Pam is having the scouts fill out the merit badge cards so Marc can sign them next week. There will only be 1 Troop meeting before camp so the Bear talk and camp expectations will have to done at that meeting. Need to get the tabs for the big trailer and get the water heater

2017 Philmont July 31-Aug 12: Sheila reports that things are coming along with some crew members taking part in the recent campout. A deadline of July 15th for depositing the final $300 for lodging and transportation will be communicated to crew members. Sam will be shipping the needed gear to Philmont. 2018 FSB is July 29-Aug 4th.

5. Quartermaster - Sam Hunter is working with Ken to get the tabs for the trailer. He communicated that the trailer tires should be sitting on the plywood board when parked so that the tires do not sink down into the earth.

6. Advancement Committee - Pam/Jennifer report Advancement Status: 42 scouts total: 2 New Scouts, 1 Scout, 1 Tenderfoot, 1 2nd Class, 15 1st Class, 6 Star, 13 Life, 3 Eagle. Jen reported that there will be more information entered into Troop Master soon. Ken reported that the Personal Management merit badge is finished and that Personal Fitness will be the next merit badge. Joe and Pete reviewed the status of the RTFC scouts. Mike reported nothing new to report for Road to Life.

6. No report from the PLC tonight.

7. Fundraising Committee – Patty reported that the scouts earned about $50 each at the Manitou 15k. Next year she is planning to have an additional water stop added to the route and will give feedback to the city regarding getting the restroom facilities open earlier. Randy Fulton, the equipment loaner, is going out of business in 2019 so will have to use a different resource; possibly the course certificationer. Composting fundraiser is on the calendar for October.

8. Community Service Committee - Market Fest table set up is July 27. Relay for Life is July 28. Sign up sheets will need to be at the next Troop meeting.

9. Fun Night: the Troop picnic is August 22 and arrangements are starting to be made.

10. Treasurer's Report – Ken reported that he will have Scout Bucks statements out by J