March 26

PLC Meeting on  March 26

Update on planning weekend


*Lock in-December

*Crystal Cave/Eagle Cave

*Thrifty Camp

*Planning Camp out March


*White Water Raft

*Apostle Island-August



*go cart

*Ninja warrior-Wdby?

*Escape Room


District Events October& April =Fundraising/voting

*Council Calendar week or week after

Scout Master Report

*HR visit at Bradshaw

                -tomorrow 5-8pm

                -scouts volunteer

                -full dress uniform


*University of Scouting

*SPLS-Stevie and Jimmie <----2 accepted

*Grey Wolf Training April 1st

*Camp went well:)

****Remind the scouts the rules night of camp out****

-Going forward.....Ask about options for bathrooms at Kiwanis.

                -Block off path from kitchen to bath?

*Troop Guidelines


-Foundation of what makes character

-permission slip?


*District Merit Badge Weekend moved to Stearns Camp Out April 27-29th

-Need more adults


*Ripley Rendezvous-May

-Deadline April 26th

-Up $10 April 9th

***Ask Jack Braasch to talk about Ripley Rendezvous***

*June-Paul Bunyan

******April 15th=Estimate for Tomahawk $325 due/scout

*May Meeting-Capital Tour Marc to contact capital possibly have a troop meeting before tour to talk about government.

*Devon and Lucas elected to O,A last weekend and Rick Koski as adult

*April 15th with Tomahawk payment, high adventure program registration due also.

*World Jamboree planning mtg this next week (adults) fly/drive etc.

                -Encourage more adults to attend Tomahawk in later part of week to others leaving      for  World Jamboree

Road to 1st Update

*Atomic BB

                -1st aid, etc.

                -Practice knots

                -B,A,J,H orienteering and GPS at Camp

                -Henry-2nd Class

                -Environment 7B and 8B in April with safety plan


*Flower Pick up-May 11th


*Manitou 15K-June 1st

                -Stay whole time to receive 100% of scout bucks

                -Kerchief design and race Tee-shirt


*Bike Ride Practice b4 Paul Bunyan

*Baltzer Fundraiser-April 27th

                -14 slots handing out capes and popcorn in Champlin


*Quarter Master-cords replaced

                -tires replace

                -ball to fix 2 5/16 ball on trailer

                -chalk the roof of the trailer?

                -No Aluminum Foil or solo cups


*Community Service --->Heritage Park, Manitou, etc.


*April 9th Skyzone 6:30-8pm


*Treasurer--->Budget reshuffled



*25th Anniversary -picnic




Look for Action Packers!!!!!----> Sportmen's Warehouse