March 27



1.     Welcome -  Scott. Marc received the Silver Beaver award last weekend, one of the highest awards for adults in the Boy Scout Organization.  Congratulations to him! Reed W. became #76 Eagle rank recipient.

2. No Eagle project propels.

3.  Scoutmaster Report - Marc Johannson reports that 5 boys stepped up to be ASPL.  They will be interviewed and then 2-3 will be picked. Two scouts were nominated for Greywolf: Jack Braasch and Nathan Greene.  The Planning Campout and meeting went well. Justin Blank will be awarded an Eagle Scholarship at the District dinner May 9th.  Star of the Future, Star of the North nominations are due April 5th. Owen, Logan, and Vinnie were nominated for OA by their peers.  

 4.  Camping Committee - Marc reports that 19 scouts attended the Planning Campout and came up with some new ideas for campouts including a whirly ball Fun Nigh event.   The district calendar will come out in 2 weeks so Scott will combine the two and present after that. One change so far proposed will be changing the Bike trip to 2019 due to history of low attendance and Sea Base close to chosen date.  Family Campout is April 13-15. There are scouts signed up so far plus ~ 20 people from the pack. This campout will include now Alumni as well. Activities are being planned. Please sign up ASAP. Zip Line Campout is May 18-20 at Trollhagen since they will be open baring inspection issues.  The troop can camp at Beaver Valley campground in Osceola. Price will be $65 plus campground fees.  Hiking Campout is June 22-24.  Eric presented two options, Afton or Frontenac State Parks.  Since Frontenac only had car camp sites Afton was chosen. Tomahawk is July 14-21.  Eric will put a deposit in for 20 people since there will be 22 scouts likely attending.  There will be no last year scouts in camp this year. June 1 is deadline for merit badges.  Sheila reported that preparations are continuing for Sea Base this summer. Adults are going through trainings currently.  The Sea Base planning meeting will be April 10thwith final camp payment due April 18th.  2019 High Adventure Commitment letters will be coming in the next 6 weeks.

5.  Quartermaster  - no update

6.  Advancement Committee - Jennifer reported Advancement status:  1 new scout 1 Scout, 2Tenderfoot, 1 2nd Class, 9 1st Class, 6 Star, 13 Life, 7 Eagle.  Merit badge schedule - Ken Hall – Communications currently offered; Merit Badge Weekend April 27-28 is open for registration at Fred C.  Troop will offer it as an overnight campout; sign up needed. Marc will be the instructor for Personal Fitness. Road to First Class update - Joe reports no significant changes with the group.  Road to Life update - Dan Feidt no update.

6.  Report from PLC – Jack B started his role as SPL last weekend at Planning meeting.  Jack reported on this month’s meeting activities including: Flag ceremony training, campout planning meeting, rope making activities, Heritage Park Clean Up.  Jack reviewed family campout activities including Frisbee activities.  Marc suggested to talk to the PLC about increasing patrol communication.                   

 7. Fundraising Committee - Flower Sales are ending tonight. Molly will need volunteers to organize flowers the morning of delivery.  Patty reports that Manitou 15K is Sat June 2. If there would be a detour the certification man would only charge for the detour part.  She will start sponsorship marketing sooner this year. Shirt designs will be done at the Family campout. 

8. Community Service Committee - John Mercier reported the Heritage Park Clean up is Tuesday April 17.  Bill Johnson informed the involved parties of our dates and is unsure if the woodchips will be dropped in to spread.  The troop will decide at a later date what tools will be needed. Scouting for Food is Sat May 5. John will be available that Saturday with the trailer and maps.  He will provide a light meal. PLC will market the conservation aspect to fulfill merit badge and award requirements.

 9. Fun Night  - nothing to report.


10. Treasurer's Report  - Deb reported no concerns.  She will be sending out quarterly reports this weekend.

11.  Other -Friends of Scouting - Patty reports that $5268 has been collected so far which is still short of our goal of $5500 to meet the goal for free merit badges.

12.  Old Business  - none

13.  New Business  - Clint reports that Youth Protection Training has changed.  All old and new members must be completed and up to date with new module training by October 31st 2018.  The new training is an hour long but can be broken into smaller modules.  It will be now tied to our re-chartering and we can not re-charter without the YPT being up to date.  April 21st is University of Scouting.  April 8th is Erik and Mitch’s Court of Honor.