November 28


NOVEMBER 28, 2017

  1. Scoutmaster Report – Marc Johannsen: no updates.

  2. Camping Committee – Eric Bergquist

    • Cooking/electronics campout: Went well; 6 Scouts in attendance.

    • Lock-in at Shoreview: Coming up December 9.

    • January: Snow sports event at Trollhaugen. We also have Peterson cabin reserved at Fred C. Andersen.

    • Sea Base: Update meeting scheduled for December 5 troop meeting. 16 total participants signed up. Second half of trip payment due December 16.

    • Brought up issue of Scouts signing up for campouts, but then not showing up. We will bring this up to Marc and Zach to come up with a solution.

  3. Quartermaster Report – Sam Hunter/Jim Grisim

    • Patrol box review: Need to replace some miscellaneous small items (Kool-Aid jugs, etc.)

    • Noted issues with the gas lanterns’ threads being stripped. Committee discussed replacing the gas lanterns with battery-operated LED’s. Jim to look at both gas and LED options ($20/30 per LED lantern; rated @ 1750 lumens).

  4. SPL Update – Zach V.

    • Gave report on upcoming troop meetings for December.

  5. Advancement Committee – Jen Greene

    • Advancement status: Somewhat top-heavy at the Life/Eagle ranks. Two Scouts will be joining us from Pack 439 next month.

    • Merit badge schedule (Ken Hall): Jen and Rick Koskie volunteered to run the Fingerprinting badge at last month’s advancement night, which was well-received. Thinking about conducting the Snow Sports merit badge at next month’s advancement night.

    • Road to First Class (Pete Stout/Joe Mikkelson): Lucas is very close to Second Class; Henry is also in a similar spot. Running into issues with Life Scouts needing to teach using the EDGE method for their advancement.

    • Road to Life (Dan Feidt): No updates.

  6. Fundraising Committee

    • Jen Koskie gave the Committee a report on popcorn sales. Scott reported on wreath sales; most wreath orders have been picked up at this point and there are still a few available for purchase.

  7. Community Service Committee – John Mercier

    • St. Stephens’ Live Nativity: December 16. Need 6-8 boys to participate; will serve as a way for giving back to the church for allowing us to meet here.

    • Scott Wisgerhof reported on Adopt a Family. The Committee proposed using the money raised to purchase several $25 gift cards for the family.

  8. Fun Night – Scott Wisgerhof: Scheduled for December 19 troop meeting.

  9. Treasurer’s Report – Deb Torenvliet

    • Many overdrawn Scout Bucks accounts, mostly due to rechartering. Fundraising should bring these accounts back in the positive.

    • Received a substantial donation to the troop recently. Committee discussed how to allocate these funds; donor asked us to allocate the money toward camperships and troop supplies. We will look to discuss this further at the January meeting.

  10. Other Items – Scott Wisgerhof

    • Pack 437 Polar Cubs event scheduled for January 6.

    • Friends of Scouting: Patty Brown volunteered to run the FOS campaign this year. Kickoff is at the January Court of Honor.

    • Rechartering: Completed as of November 1. We are in line to achieve the gold level for Journey to Excellence. We started the previous year with 45 Scouts, and we will be starting this year with approximately 35 Scouts.