October 26



1.  Welcome – Scott welcomed everyone and started the meeting.  No Eagle Project proposals today.

3.  Scoutmaster Report – Marc Johannsen reported that the District merit badge day is next weekend and there is some openings if scouts still want to come.  The campouts were enjoyed.  Eric will talk more about them.  Rechartering is due next week. 

4.  Camping Committee - Eric Bergquist reported that despite the initial rain the boys liked the submarine experience including the spontaneous bowling and pizza addition.  Joe posted the pics on Flicker.  Marc thought it would be good to do again, but not in the near future.  Currently, the Cooking Campout on Nov 10-12 has only 4 scouts signed up.  The Committee discussed cancelling but will try to entice more participants in the next couple of weeks.  The Dec 9-10 Lock-In is set but there is currently not the minimum signed up.   If the numbers stay low the troop may have to switch to a different venue/event for next year.  In the meantime the troop will promote bringing friends.  The January campout is 12-14th at Fred C with activities at Trollhagen.  Jan 6th is Polar Cubs so there will not be a conflict.  Stearns Camp is reserved for April which is a combined activity with the Pack.  Sheila Thom reports that all scouts but one were present for the swim pre-test.  Deb has Sea Base the first installment participation fee and all participants are current with their accounts.  The next step will be to pursue plane tickets Nov/Dec.  Sam Hunter reports that the tents from the campout should be aired and cleaned out; the PVC to hold the brooms etc….can be done anytime.  There are no complaints about trailers currently. Please keep trailers parked on the wood blocks.

6.  Advancement Committee – Jennifer Greene not present.  Scott reported that 2 more Eagle scouts got through their Scout Master conferences before their birthdate deadline.  Committee members should look at Troop Master to make sure it is accurate for the extra activities such as: high adventure, OA special awards, miles hiked and report any discrepancies to Jen Greene.   Ken Hall reports that Pat Mahoney is currently offering the Citizenship of the Nation merit badge.   Ken would like to do the Cyberchip merit badge in addition to the two that Julian proposed.   Pete Stout was not present.  Reviewed that for Road to First Class there is 1 Scout currently, 1 other finishing up 1st and 2nd class; only 1 Webelo may cross over.  Troops all over White Bear area are having diminishing numbers.  No report for Road to First Class.  Dan Feidt will be coming back after his shoulder is better.

6.  Report from PLC - Julian H is filling in for Zach.  Only 2 scouts present tonight.  Discussed what would work the best to process the patrol boxes for winter storage and rake leaves for the church since there are limited number of meetings in Nov.  It was decided that the Nov 14th advancement night will be combined with processing the patrol boxes offering merit badges of finger printing and coin collecting that Julian proposed.  Nov 21th will be raking if the church needs it.  Scott will find out.          

 7. Fundraising Committee – Steve and Jen reported that overall there were no major issues at turn in night, but that the inventory process will have to be adjusted slightly if going back to the paper process.  Jen said that popcorn was down $2500 from last year.  Steve will be putting the wreath order in on Friday for those that have late orders.  Popcorn pick up will be Fri and Sat only as it is not available on Thursday.   John Mercier reported that the Ramsey County Composting is Saturday October 28 and all the necessary supplies for composting are posted on the website.  Permission slips are needed for this fundraiser. 

8. Community Service - Scott reports that the Adopt a Family service event will continue this year.  Kelly Deery is up for being coordinator again.  She will do the shopping and have the boys do the wrapping and delivery.  During wrapping night she will give a presentation of the importance of community service and how this event really impacts the receiving families.   

9.  Fun Night is Tuesday Nov 7 due to election night.  Mike is setting up Vertical Endeavors.

10. Treasurer's Report - Ken reports that Deb has things under control and there are no worries currently.

11. Other – Scott has been talking to the district about the Friends of Scouting goal.  He has got them down to $5500-6000.  He will continue to try to get it down more.  The troop is looking for a Friends of Scouting coordinator.  Reminder the money does stay local for local camps and facilities as only the rechartering fees go to the National headquarters.          

12.  Old Business    - Roger is working on rechartering and has most of it done.

13.  New Business – Discussed the new Boy Scout plans of allowing girls.  The troop will await further details.  Patty reported that Suzanne is working hard integrating our marketing into a popular running publication for the Manitou 15K and learning how the new equipment and process will work.