October 29

Troop 494 Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

  1. Welcome – Scott Wisgerhof

  1. Scoutmaster Report – Marc Johannsen

Marc Johannsen gave the Committee a report on the upcoming Pack 437 crossover ceremony, which is planned for December 16. We typically ask for five or six Scouts to help bridge the incoming Webelos to the troop. Marc suggested placing a signup sheet on the troop Web site so that our Scouts can participate in the event.

Marc also reported that we had seven Scouts come to our open house event on October 22. Scott Wisgerhof added that he thought the event was well-planned and well-executed.

Regarding troop leadership position switches, Marc stated that he will talk with Stevie to see if the change has happened, and if not, make it happen.

  1. Camping Committee – Steve Kringle

Eric Stetz reported on the astronomy campout that took place at Baylor Regional Park (near Norwood/Young America, MN). While we had rain for the main part of the event, the Scouts had a fun time there.

Steve Kringle reported on the leader’s choice campout, which will be a skills-themed event at Fred C. Andersen (across from Stillwater) scheduled for November 15-17.

Steve also reported that we will be doing a day event at Shoreview Community Center (rather than the traditional all-night lock-in) on December 7. Shannon Erickson suggested we also investigate an all-night lock-in option at Minnesota Zoo – cost would be about $30 per person, with the possibility of completing the Oceanography merit badge.

Steve reported on Eagle Cave, which is scheduled for January 24-26. There is some interest in Scouts wanting to attend; the cutoff date for signing up for the event is November 24.

The Committee also discussed a rocketry campout that the senior patrol is planning for next year. Scott suggested having each Scout (or each patrol) purchase their own rocket and then design and build it accordingly.

Scott reported that another payment was recently collected for Northern Tier.

Scott also reported on high adventure options for 2021. The Philmont lottery opened yesterday, and there are also options for going back to the Apostle Islands, Isle Royale, or attending the 2021 National Jamboree at the Summit.

  1. Leader Background Checks & National Fee Increase

Scott reminded the Committee that adult leader background check forms were due at the Committee meeting. These need to be completed and turned in to Eric Stetz so that adults will be able to recharter for 2020. Scott also informed the Committee about the recent increases in national registration fees. For Scouts, annual registration has increased to $60 (up from $30 last year), and adult registration has increased from $33 to $36. This is in addition to the annual dues of $25 that the troop currently collects to maintain our equipment.

  1. Advancement Committee – Jen Greene/Jenny Koskie

Joe Mikkelson gave the Committee a report on recent changes made to our Flickr site, which houses our troop’s photo albums. There was a recent batch of photos that was uploaded to the site in preparation for our open house event (as mentioned previously); the site now includes photos through the astronomy campout from earlier this month. There were also two changes that were made to simplify the way we log in to manage albums on Flickr – we no longer use the original email address that was initially created to set up the site, and the password was also updated as part of that process. Finally, payment information was updated for our subscription; it is set to automatically renew on November 7.

The Committee discussed rescheduling the Young Eagles plane flights that were scrubbed multiple times. We will look to reschedule them for November.

For Road to First Class, Joe reported that our first-year Scouts are continuing to work through First Class first aid requirements. We will be planning to invite the next group of incoming Webelos from Pack 437 to our Christmas party, which will be on December 17. There were no significant updates to report for Road to Life.

  1. PLC Report – Stevie B./Jimmy G.

Stevie reported to the Committee that the PLC will be pushing the upcoming leader’s choice campout. Scott also noted that they should be telling the Scouts about Eagle Cave coming up in January.

Scott informed the PLC that he will talk to St. Stephen’s about participating in their live nativity event around Christmas.

  1. Fundraising Committee

Money is being turned in tonight for the wreath and popcorn fundraisers.

Rick Rausch reported that the leaf composting fundraiser brought in $700, and we had a good Scout turnout for the event (8 on the morning shift; 6 on the afternoon shift). John Mercier that there were many vehicles lined up right when the compost site opened, and traffic was still steady into the afternoon.

The Committee and the PLC both agreed to donate $300 of the money raised from the composting fundraiser to St. Stephen’s.

  1. Community Service Committee – John Mercier

The Committee discussed the Feed My Starving Children volunteering session we attended a few weeks ago. We were able to help pack enough meals to feed 56 kids for an entire year, and we had a good representation of Scouts and adults from the troop.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Jenny Koskie

Scott reported that we will look to follow up with Scouts that have overdrawn Scout Bucks accounts following rechartering (once troop dues and national fees are factored, and then the wreath and popcorn fundraising).

Eric Stetz and Ken Hall discussed options relating to Quick Books.

  1. Other Items

Marc informed the Committee that he has the 25-year anniversary patches, and we will start handing them out at the next troop meeting.

Scott discussed open troop positions, including fun night coordinator, quartermaster, and high adventure coordinator.

Marc noted that the district merit badge event went well, and we had several Scouts attend. A few of our adult leaders also counseled merit badges there.

Joe will be taking over the troop adult historian position.