October 30

Troop 494 Committee Meeting Minutes

October 30, 2018


1.  Welcome-Scott reported that the Rotary approved starting a sister (linked) troop.  The Church freezer was left open last week – not sure we did it, as an FYI please check when leaving.   The Church has requested that our troop assist with the live Nativity again this year.


2.  No Eagle project proposals.


3.  Scoutmaster Report-Marc Johannsen - absent


4.  Camping Committee-Eric Bergquist/Steve Kringle  reports on the Campouts:  District Campout was a good campout.  The scouts interacted with other troops which they enjoyed.  Merit Badge Campout is Nov 2-4 --Trailer issues – four adults are signed up – but none of them have the ability to haul the trailer – John Mercier will bring the trailer early and drop it off  - he will pick it up on Sunday morning – also need one adult to buy the food.   Shoreview Lock-In is Dec 8-9.  It is ok for this year, but need to reassess for next year because of cost.  Eagle Cave campout cancelled due to low attendance.   Discussed what should take its place.  Ski day vs. Kwansis for Electronics camp (move Feb camp out up).  Steve will check availability for Kiwanis.  Troop will continue planning options for January.


High Adventure -Sheila Thom reports the 2019 June Texas High Adventure is cancelled.  2020 Northern Tier High Adventure is open.  Commitment forms are being accepted until December 18that which time crew numbers will be determined for lottery.  The adults committed to going will be in charge of the planning organization/lottery process.


Quartermaster – Jim Grisim – reported that several tarps missing.  Vestibule is still missing.  Committee will replace the vestibule.  Currently, can only find one pop-up tent.  Someone is sure to have the missing tent.  Scott will send out a request for everyone to check for the missing equipment.


5.  Advancement Committee - Advancement status – Jennifer Greene reports: 10 new Scouts, 3 Tenderfoot, 1- 2nd Class, 8- 1st Class, 2 Star, 12 Life, 2 Eagle = 38 total.  Ken Hall volunteered to be another Eagle Coach.   Pat reported that there should be an Eagle Expo scheduled for a date after the next Court of Honor (January).  Merit badge schedule, not reported on .  Road to First Class update – Joe reports the program has had a light load the last few months, but is looking forward to working with the new Scouts.  Road to Life update - Joe and Rick will be taking over the Road to Life program. 

6.  Report from PLC – Jack reported that Fun night is at Pinz on Nov. 6 with sign up closing tonight;  Patrol box clean up will be 11/13;  11/20 – figure out patrols with new scouts and patrol challenge


 7.  Fundraising Committee - Popcorn/Wreath order turn in is tonight.   Composting fundraiser earned $625 at the Yard Waste site for the day, having 6 scouts assist in am, 1 scout (1/3 of current troop) in pm plus 4 adults.  Committee discussed this event should be a mandatory event like Scouting for Food.  The recipient this year will be St Stephens Church, requesting gift cards.


8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier - Feed my Starving Children  went well the scouts had a good time.   Discussed changing the date to spread out the community service events, possibly to January/February.


9.    Fun Night – Will McMillen -Fun Night is November 6th at Pinz. Tonight is last night for sign up. 


10.   Treasurer's Report- Deb Torenvliet – no issues, many of the outstanding accounts have been brought up to date.


11.  Other – Discussed that the troop meetings should have more structure.  Jack is doing a nice job as SPL.  Maybe a couple of adults could sit among the scouts to add a presence.   Scoutmaster minute could be added.  Scott will talk to Marc about the discussion.


12.  Old Business-none


13.  New Business -none