September 25

Troop 494 Committee Meeting Agenda


1.  Welcome-Scott reported that Youth Protection Training is done for the active Committee members. 


2.  No Eagle proposals tonight


3.  Scoutmaster Report-Marc Johannsen

         Arrow of Light Ceremony is Monday October 15,  6:30pm for 7-8.  Koskies are working on details.


4.  Camping Committee-Eric Bergquist   

        Monthly Campouts

        Namekagon Canoe Trip had 14 scouts plus a few Webelos and adults. Weather was great and process was smooth.

        District Campout is September 28-30: 17 people will attend currently.

        Merit Badge Campout is Nov 2-4 at Fred C Anderson

        Shoreview Lock in Dec 8-9 is reserved and will need to promote it to cover the cost

        Eagle Cave January 11-13 – will need to make a decision soon by End of September.  3 scouts signed up currently.  Need to figure out a back up plan soon as well.

        Economically attendance needs to improve to continue to have monthly campouts.  Will have to continue to monitor engagement.  


        High Adventure -Sheila Thom

        2019 June Texas High Adventure is cancelled due to low attendance.   In place of it the troop will offer a bike ride campout June 20-23, 4 days.  John Mercier has investigated the Paul Bunyan Trail route and it will be a nice route.  

        2020 Northern Tier High Adventure lottery is January.  Commitment letter and requirement document will be available in October. 


        Quartermaster – Jim Grisim reported current status of troop equipment for upcoming campout


5.  Advancement Committee -


        Advancement status – Jennifer Koskie  reports we are still top heavy.                                

        Merit badge schedule - Ken Hall reports merit badge weekend is all set for counselors

        Road to First Class update – Joe Mikkelson reports RTFC has had a light month, but are still moving forward.  New boys will be coming in in October to work with.

        Road to Life update -Dan Feidt reports he will begin training his replacement.  He will be around until December.

6.  Report from PLC – Jack presented the PLC ideas for Octobers meetings including a possible game night, DQ field trip, FMSC, patrol box clean up.  Marc added a few items including time to finish up a merit badge.  Scott also suggested to encourage signing-up for activities.  He reports that there are 5 scouts present for PLC tonight.                    


 7.  Fundraising Committee                                                                                       

        Popcorn/Wreath - Jennifer/Steve report that the fundraiser has started.   Money collection will be October 30.  Ken is working with technical support to fix a webstore issue.                          

        Scott reports that Composting is set for October 27.  Reminder that parental forms need to be signed before the event and the boys must be dressed appropriately.   It will occur rain or shine, cold or hot.  The community really appreciates the help with this activity.


8.  Community Service Committee - John Mercier  

        Feed my Starving Children is Tuesday October 16. Meet at Cub foods 5 or 5:30pm to drive there.



9.    Fun Night – Will McMillen reports that Fun Night possibilities include bowling or Laser Tag, however BSA prohibits Laser Tag fun Night is November 6th.


10.   Treasurer's Report- Deb Torenvliet reports that all the campouts expenses have broken even.  There are ten overdrawn accounts.  Scott and Deb will work together to correct this.


11.  Other

        Scott reports he has had a couple of people show interest in filling committee member open positions.

        Discussion continued about girls joining the Scouting organization.  Clint reports that Troop 402 and 112 want to stay boy-only.  Our Cub Scout Pack 437 partner pack has made the decision to bring in girls. The soonest crossing over would be a 1 year or so out.  Members discussed pros, cons, scenarios for adult leadership/ patrol structure.  Troop 439 in White Bear is starting a girl troop.  After a vote of present committee members, the committee voted yes by majority to partner with an all-girl pack and charter an all-girl troop.    


12.  Old Business -none


13.  New Business -none