September 26

Committee Minutes September 2017

1.  Welcome – Scott welcomed everyone.

2.  No Eagle Proposals

3.  Scoutmaster Report – Marc reported on the Order of the Arrow conclave with 3 Scouts from the Troop: hoped to get our Troop more involved in O of A events

4. Camping Committee –Eric Bergquist reported on: Namekagon – had to find another campsite because of construction, nice time for everyone, 2 Webelos had a great time. Submarine Campout – booked at High Cliff State Park, 21 people going, including the same 2 Webolos. November Campout – redoing the Cooking Campout, Kiwanis, Nov. 10-12. Shoreview Lock-In – reserved, adults no longer free, $30 for full night, $20 for Cub Scout parents, should the Troop subsidize it? Other Troops have expressed interest in joining, perhaps make it an all White Bear Lake event, use it as a recruitment tool, Roger will contact other Troops. High Adventure – Scott read Sheila’s report: 2018 Sea Base, July 29-Aug 4, two facilities damaged little by Hurricane Irma, payments being accepted again, first half payment will be sent by Nov 1, Deb will follow through, 2 full crews committed to going, preliminary planning meeting Sept 12, swim test being set up to determine if extra training is needed, next planning meeting in Nov or Dec, High Adventure 2019 discussions: World Jamboree -  perhaps only 2 of the Troop’s Scouts can go, set up meeting in Nov to look into who has interest

5. Report from PLC – Zach set the agenda for next meetings: Oct 3rd: planning food for Submarine Campout; Oct 10th : tents, and talking about Merit Badge Day and Compost Day, Submarine Campout talk, remind people about Popcorns and Wreaths - Patrol Boxes postponed until Nov; Oct 17th: Feed my starving children; Oct 24th: 24th – Compost talk (28th of Oct), Popcorn Wreath turn-in, Advancement night, try to push Patrol participation in Compost fundraiser – give Ss credit for service hours, profit goes to Adopt-a-Family, encourage pitchforks instead of rakes, Merit Badge Day is moved to the 24th of October, Bill encouraged Zach to organize more badge work or something skills-based instead of just games

6. Quartermaster – Sam returned gear from Philmont, the dragonfly repair box is misplaced and needs to be found, PVC tube has been bought to make a rake/broom holder in the small trailer. John M and Sam will work on it. Trailers need to be put back in the exact spots so the neighbor to the church does not view them

7. Advancement – Jennifer: 38 Scouts, losing 3 more this fall, merit badge advancement forms are available, she hopes to help more parents sign up to TroopMaster site. Scott read Ken Hall’s report: Merit Badge work has started on citizenship and will continue, should get an elective badge for next month’s advancement night, online store is up for fundraiser and scouts should not include the online store order in their totals, should get a system to account for the money collected, Ken will provide the online reports, Steve Minar requested that the scouts bring a list of their goods when they pick up. Scott read Patrick Mahoney’s report: Pat is starting Citizenship in the Community after the Troop meeting on Oct 4, after that the scouts will be doing the balance of the badge on their own, with follow up. Pete Stout reported on Road to First Class: 2 new scouts possibly coming in from Pack 437, focusing on getting 2 scouts to Road to First Class.  Road to Life: Dan Feidt is injured and recuperating, no report.

8. Fundraising Committee - Scott mainly reported: popcorn and wreath sheets handed out at court of honor, turn in night 4th meeting in Oct,  Buck Thorn Removal at Tamarack: conservation and service hours, a non-sanctioned Troop activity; Sat Oct 7;  Ramsey County Composting, Oct 28, try to even out the morning and afternoon attendance, parental signatures needed this year

9.. Community Service Committee- Scott and John: Feed My Starving Children, Tuesday, Oct 17, announcement will need to be made at the meeting, remind Scouts to donate if they want , meet at 5 o-clock at Cub;  Composting: profits to Adopt-a-Family, Kelly Deery willing to organize it again. Discussion about whether Scouts should accompany the shopping. Perhaps Kelly should make a presentation about it to the Scouts. Scouts do enjoy the wrapping of the gifts. Idea to set up a poster about what the fundraising is supporting, at the composting site. Christ the King Church: handing out flyers didn’t work out, flyers never got to the Troop, asked to participate next year

10. Fun Night: Vertical Endeavors, 6:30 to 8:30, $20 per boy, Nov 7, get sign-up sheet out, waiver forms needed, Mike Pendergast organizing

11. Treasurer Report – Deb: finances all caught up from absence, 3rd quarter SB reports will go out at end of September, hopes to collect Sea Base first half payments from participants within the next few weeks.

12. Other - Roger asked about quantity of axes, discussion of Eagle Scout Board of Reviews coming up , Clint described Christian wearing Clint’s sash for his 50th anniversary of being a member of OofA. Nothing to report for Old or New Business

Meeting Adjourned 8:30