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Not afraid of Buckthorn...

On Saturday, April 29th, 2023, we had our annual Heritage Park Cleanup Service Project.

Heritage Park is located in Vadnais Heights. It is 28 acres in size and includes 18 acres of passive wetland. We help each year by clearing invasive species and overall keeping the park looking nice. This year, there were 21 scouts and friends in addition to 7 adults volunteering for the project. We all got started around 10:30 in the morning. The scouts worked on buckthorn removal, tree trimming, pulling out felled branches or small trees and trash pickup. The adults ran power tools and preparing lunch.

The adults rewarded hungry scouts with lunch of hot dogs and chili dogs (a crowd favorite!), as well as kool-aid, water and chips. Once we were done with lunch, we went

back to finish off the brush and trash pickup before heading home. We were done earlier this

year since we were not able to put woodchips on the trails like we have done on other years.

The city commented that the paths were too wet in order to deliver the woodchips without

damaging the trails.

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- Dominic S, Star Scout, Troop 494



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