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Play Games, Plan Out, Hike About. Your Average Planning Weekend.

From Friday, March 18th, to Sunday, March 20th, 2022. We went to Kiwanis Scout Camp for Planning Weekend.

On the night of March 18th, we set up our beds in the bunkhouse, did cracker-barrel, and played games, soon after, we went to the bunkhouse and went to sleep.

On March 19th, we had pancakes for breakfast, gave ideas for campouts and fun nights and voted on them. We went to the trading post, had hot dogs for lunch, hiked to and back from the general store down in Marine on Saint Croix. Later. . . we worked on the first aid merit badge with a few breaks in between, had dinner which was smoked brisket, watched a movie which was Encanto, (like why else would we,) before going to sleep in the bunkhouse for the second and last time.

The next day, on March 20th, we packed up our stuff in the bunkhouse, cleaned up the fore-mentioned and the dining hall, ate either blueberry or chocolate muffins, until after leaving Kiwanis leaving on separate groups going back to home.

- Dominic S, First Class, Troop 494


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