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Philmont High Adventure 2017

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Philmont Scout Ranch - Cimarron, NM - Summer 2017

Philmont Scout Ranch is 137,000 acres in the mountains and mesas of Northeastern New Mexico donated by Waite Phillips for perpetuating faith, self-reliance, integrity, freedom and principles used by American Pioneer.  The mountain terrain ranges in elevation from 6,600 feet at Headquarters to 12,441 feet at the top of Mount Baldy.  It is a working cattle ranch with horses and burros for pack riding.  Wildlife is abundant: deer, elk, mountain lion, bear, bobcat, buffalo and pronghorn are frequently spotted by campers. 

Each crew will plan their 12 day backpacking expedition spending nights at various backcountry camps where scouts can participate in a variety of programs presented by Philmont staff including:  horseback riding, burro packing, gold panning, rock climbing, 30.06 rifle shooting, archaeology, mountain biking and interpretive programs such as homesteading and mountain man rendezvous.  

YouTube Video

Who: Scouts and Adults.  We have three crews going, up to 12 people in each.  See below.  Currently there are 8 openings for scouts (1/15/2017).

Warning: It is important that each adult Advisor become familiar with every aspect of the trip.  Equally important is sharing information with participants and their parents.  Philmont is not like other Scout camps and Philmont may not be for everyone.  The stamina required to hike is much greater because of the distance, elevation changes and length of the Expedition.  Every participant should understand Philmont’s Risk Advisory (pages 22-24) found also in the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record and be aware of potential hazards.  Philmont is placing special emphasis on physical preparation, including a detailed Annual Health and Medical Record.  However, each group must carefully select participants that are capable of completing an Expedition.  The height/weight chart on page 24 can serve as a guide to help determine who will attend. 

Why: To have fun together while experiencing the great outdoors while challenging ourselves

Where: Philmont Scout Ranch  17 Deer Run Rd. Cimarron, MN 87714  phone: 575-376-2281      

Distance from Philmont: White Bear Lake, 1109 miles (18 hours), Denver 270 miles, Colorado Springs 190 miles, Pueblo 159 miles, Albuquerque 220 miles, Amarillo 22

When: Reservations for July 31-Aug 12, 2017 plus travel time to/from, 1-2 days each way.  Travel: Sun July 30 and Sun Aug 13. 

Cost: $895 + travel expenses (airline, van/bus rental) + incidentals.  $100 deposit due now, $397.50 due Sept 20th 2016 (Court of Honor), $397.50 Due Feb 21 2017.  Scholarships may be available.

Philmont Fee includes: meals while at Philmont, tents, cooking gear, program resources, camper's insurance, leader's kits, medical care, chaplain service, use of horses and burros (optional), Philmont patch.

If interested in joining the Expedition please complete the Commitment Letter below after viewing the Requirement letter and give to Sheila Thom.

Commitment Letter: 

Requirement Letter:

Planning:  The first planning meeting will be Oct. 11th after the troop meeting to divide the preparation responsibilities: Travel, Physical Preparation Training/ Pre-Hikes, Safety Certifications, T-shirts, Equipment, Health and Travel forms.  Will touch base monthly to make sure everything stays on track.

Timeline: (as of 9/12/2016)
Sept: collect Advance payment
Oct - Dec: finalize travel plan, set up training plan and start implementation
Feb: collect final payment
March: receive Itinerary Guide and decide backpacking itinerary
April: submit itinerary April 2nd; complete Tour Plan permit
May: receive crew roster online process
July: Crew Leaders enter Crew Roster online through the “Philmont Roster and Arrival Gateway"; collect completed Health Forms 
August: Experience Philmont!

For further questions please view the Philmont Website and currently used 2015 Planning Guide: 

Crew A - Panther Patrol  Crew B - Sweaty Yeti's Crew C - Prius Patrol 
Scouts    Adults Scouts Adults Scouts Adults
Alex T Mark T Ethan H Sam H Erik J Marc J
Jack L Mike L Julian H Ken H Reed W Scott W
Garrett Scott T Kyle M Rick R Joe M John M
Davis M Sheila T Liam T open Mitch M Tom M
Alec B x Adam B x Zach T x
open x open x Jack P x
open x open x Justin B x
open x open x open x

Crew Positions

• Crew Leader – Responsible for organizing the crew, assigning duties, guides camp set up/ break down,  discusses ideas with the entire crew to arrive at a consensus before taking action with a decision,  recognizes the capabilities of each crew member. Guides the crew in a conservation project. Supports the Chaplain Aide and Wilderness Pledge Guia as they carry out their duties. He/she leads by example and practices servant leadership to allow the crew to have an enjoyable and successful trek.   Successful Crew Leaders exhibit the following traits: positive attitude, attentiveness to all crew members’ needs, and the ability to identify and resolve conflicts before they develop into larger issues.

• Chaplain’s Aide – Responsible for leading the crew in following the 12th point of the Scout Law. They help the crew earn the Duty To God Award and lead daily devotionals from the Eagles Soaring High Booklet as well as facilitating Roses, Thorns, and Buds each night. During Roses, Thorns, and Buds each crew member will say their rose (something they liked about the day), thorn (something they disliked about the day), and bud (what they are looking forward to tomorrow or in the near future).

• Wilderness Pledge Guia (Guide) – Responsible for helping the crew understand and follow the principles of the Philmont Wilderness Pledge and Leave No Trace. They help the crew earn the Wilderness Pledge Achievement Award with the help of the Ranger. They also help enforce Philmont’s bear procedures.