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We have many long-standing traditions in Troop 494, and one of them is to offer Scouts the opportunity to attend at least one camping event or other troop- or district-sponsored activity every month. The benefits to camping are many -- creating long-lasting friendships, strengthening Scout skills, and venturing to places many would not otherwise have the chance to see. But perhaps the most important reason we camp is because it's fun! We'd like to share with you some of our regular yearly events, as well as some of our favorite destinations from recent past!

(NOTE: This page is still in active development. Stay tuned for further updates!)
Eagle Cave (January)
Eagle Cave is the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin, and Troop 494 has been a regular visitor to the cave since the early 2000's! There's no other place where you can get really muddy and have a lot of fun at the same time -- you even get to sleep inside the cave, too! The cave has over 3,000 feet of subterranean tunnels that can be explored. Sometimes the staff hides objects inside the cave, and Scouts can win prizes if they're lucky enough to find them!

Scouts who have visited Eagle Cave have also taken part in night hikes conducted by the staff, scavenger hunts for 'golden nuggets,' and sledding. There's also an arcade room and trading post at the top of the hill adjacent to the cave.

The staff at Eagle Cave put together a really great dinner on Saturday night, with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. After that, everyone comes together for a few rounds of BINGO. Overall, Eagle Cave is a great place to go whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned spelunker!
Ski & Snowboard Days at Trollhaugen (February)
Troop 494 is an active troop even in the midst of cold Minnesota winters, and there's no better way to get outside than to go skiing and snowboarding! Trollhaugen hosts various weekend days during February and March where Scout groups can get lessons, or simply just have fun for an afternoon. We've also participated in snow tubing at Trollhaugen, too.
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