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Merit Badge Information

Merit badges give Scouts an opportunity to explore over 130 different areas of knowledge and skills. They also serve an important role in rank advancement, one of the eight methods of Scouting. Participation in merit badges can begin as soon as a Scout registers with a troop. Scouts can explore topics ranging from American Business to Woodworking as they express interest. Merit badges sometimes influence a Scout to turn a hobby into a professional career!

In Troop 494, Scouts complete the following steps to earn merit badges:

  1. Scouts start by selecting a subject that interests them.

  2. The Scout finds a counselor for their chosen merit badge.

  3. The Scout obtains a signed Application for Merit Badge ("Blue Card") from the Scoutmaster.

  4. The Scout then meets with the merit badge counselor and completes the requirements.

  5. The merit badge counselor will sign the Blue Card once the Scout satisfies all of the requirements for the merit badge.

  6. The Scout turns in the signed Blue Card to a member of the troop's advancement committee, who will in turn document the completion of the merit badge in our electronic advancement tracking system.

  7. The merit badge is awarded to the Scout at the next Court of Honor.

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See the Useful Links below for more information on the available merit badges and how to complete them.

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