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Tomahawk Notes

 We are in the Mohawk Campsite

You can apply whatever balance your scout has in his Scout Bucks account towards the cost of the camp. Final payment is due one week before departure time.

Departure Time

We will be departing from Otter Lake Elementary School . Please have your scout arrive in Class A uniform with all his gear by 9:00 am for check-in. We will be stopping for lunch on the way up to Tomahawk, so please have him bring a lunch or money for a fast food restaurant.

Return Time

Scouts and gear will be brought home around 1:00 the following Saturday afternoon.

Health Forms

Everyone attending camp will need to have a medical form completed prior to arrival.

Wisconsin law requires the health form and physical. Scouts who do not have them will not be permitted to stay at camp..

Emergency Contact

If you will not be home during the week your scout is at camp, please provide us with a number at which you can be reached, or with an alternate contact in case of emergency.

Visitor Night

Tuesday is "Family Night" - 2014 is the first year Family Night will be held on Tuesday.  We will be cooking our own meals in camp, and on Tuesday visitors are welcome to join us for dinner and a campfire! Once again, if you want to attend Tuesday, let us know so we can plan food supplies accordingly and provide you with instructions on how to reach the campsite. This years theme for Family Night is Back to the 50's.  Plan to dress the part if you feel so inclined!!

Pets are not permitted at scout camps.

Horseback Riding

A limited number of tickets are available for horseback riding. Scouts will have the opportunity to sign up for tickets at the next scout meeting and on the day of departure. Priority will be given to the first year scouts for these tickets. We will collect for the tickets on departure day.

Personal Gear

Scouts should pack for a weeklong trip (see attached list). Scouts will need to provide their own dish, bowl, cup and eating utensils. The troop (and camp) will provide the necessary cooking equipment.

Several scouts have used "Action Packers" or similar sealed tubs to hold their gear. It keeps their gear dry even during monsoon rain. This is a suggestion, not a requirement.

Do not pack any food in with the personal gear. See "Snack Coolers" below.

Electronic Equipment

Personal radios, tape/CD players are allowed and MUST be used with headphones. Scouts are not permitted to bring video games, cell phones, two-way radios or other electronic gear. Aside from the disruptive effect they have on the campsite, they rarely survive the camping experience.


Some of the merit badges require materials that scouts will need to purchase at the trading post. The merit badge form gives estimates of how much is required. The trading post also sells candy bars, pop, miscellaneous equipment and BSA/Tomahawk logo clothing. Typical prices at the trading post are $1.00 for a candy bar or pop, $10.00 for a hat or T-shirt, $20.00 for a sweatshirt. Any money brought is the responsibility of the scout; the adult leaders will not hold it for safekeeping.

Tent Signs

Scouts are required to make a sign for their tent. The signs must have the scout’s first name and at least the first letter of their last name. The letters can be painted, carved or engraved on the material. The only requirements are that the signs be durable, legible and the letters at least two inches high. The sign can be on a stake, or hang from the tent’s center pole. Note: cardboard doesn’t hold up very well in a camping environment unless it is covered with some sort of clear plastic.

Tent Assignments

Patrols will camp together. As much as possible, scouts will be permitted to choose their tent mate within their patrol. To minimize confusion when we arrive, tent assignments will be finalized at the last troop meeting before we depart for camp.

Snack Coolers

Scouts are permitted to bring a small cooler (no larger than a 12-pack type like a "Playmate") with pop and snacks. The coolers should be the type that cannot be opened with one hand. The coolers and any other food item will NOT be permitted in tents and will be stored in the troop trailer at night. No food of any type should be packed in with your scout’s personal gear. Tomahawk comes fully equipped with raccoons, mice, porcupines and bears.


There is a telephone available at the main admin building located several miles from the troop campsite. It is for emergency use only. In case of an emergency you can call the camp staff at the number on the attached "Parents" letter.


We encourage you to write to your scout while he is at camp. Please do not make your scout homesick by telling him how much you miss him or how much fun you are having without him. Address your letters to:

Scout’s Name

Troop 494 Mohawk

Tomahawk Scout Reservation

N1910 Scout Road

Birchwood, WI 54817


Typically, it takes two days for a letter or package mailed from the Twin Cities to reach Tomahawk. If you want to have mail waiting for your scout, drop a letter in the mail on Thursday July 17th. Do not mail anything after Wednesday July 23rd because it will most likely arrive after we have departed. You’re welcome to send pre-addressed, stamped envelopes and paper for your scout to mail letters home.


First year scouts will be attending the Brownsea program. Brownsea is a class held each morning that covers many of the requirements for advancement. In addition to Brownsea, the first year scouts will be signed up for Woodcarving and Leatherworking merit badges. This set of classes and badges provides a full and valuable workload for the scouts.

Other Notes

Attached is the Tomahawk "Parents" letter, a map showing where Tomahawk is located, a list of available merit badges, and a list of High Adventure activities offered at Tomahawk.

Over the next several troop meetings, the troop leaders will be working with the scouts to determine what merit badges they want to take and any other special activities. Please look through the offerings and help your son decide want he wants and needs.