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Eagle Cave Exploratory Camp-"In"

Who: Registered Scouts and Scouters

What: Eagle Cave Independent Exploration and Camping  

When: January 24th -- 26th, 2020

 (Look at the calendar, Mon. 1/27 -No School! So you can Recover!!)

Where: 16320 Cavern Ln  Blue River, WI 53518  (about 4 hours without stops)

GoogleMaps Driving Directions from Otter Lake Elementary

WHY? Because this is awesome!!! It's a whole lot of fun to explore with your buddy! Play Hide and Seek in Wisconsin's largest Onyx Cave!!!

Link for info:

How Many may attend?? The Troop has reserved 20 spots

COST:  $75 per attendee plus spending money for gift shop, game room & Sunday lunch.

Departure:  Eat Supper before we meet at Otter Lake Elementary on Friday January 24th, 

2020 at 5:45pm Wear class A with Class B underneath for Travel

Convoy will depart at 6pm.

Returning: We will stop for lunch on the way home.  Scouts will be dropped

off at their homes around 2pm. (No School Monday!)

Commitments and Cancellations 

 Final payments are due the Eagle Cave 60 days before our scheduled experience. 

 Any cancellations after November 24th, 2019 can not be refunded. 


This camping trip will consist of cave exploring. There also may be the opportunity to participate in some outdoor activities. The scouts will be camping in the cave. We will bring some troop tarps for some protection. But you'd be better off still (And Better Prepared) To bring your very own heavy duty tarp. Electronics will be allowed in the vehicles for travel but must be locked inside the vehicles once we arrive. Violations will result in the device being confiscated until returning home Sunday.

~It's always about 60 degrees F in the cave.

~It can be sometimes very wet, but always muddy.

~BRING A SMALL TARP! (5'x7' at least)

~BRING A SLEEPING MAT!! The Cave floor can be extremely uneven.

~BRING A SLEEPING BAG!! It can still feel chilly!

~BRING A HEADLAMP!! You need your hands free to grasp and crawl and climb!

~BRING A TOWEL IN A PLASTIC BAG!! A Scout is Clean. Get those Hygiene Merit Badges Scouts!!!

This is one campout worth taking a shower after exploring an onyx cave.

Scouts should bring:

One complete set of non-cotton clothes for hiking: polyester, poly-pro, wool or nylon

2 underwear

2 pair long pants (1 for exploring and 1 for clean)

2 shirts


Winter jacket

Hat and gloves (spares recommended)

Boots for cave exploring

Closed toe shoes (clean for travel)

Sleeping clothes


Sleeping bag with tarp to cover (protection from dripping)


Sleeping pad

Scout book


Head lamp for cave exploring


Water bottle

Backpack or duffel bag

Plastic bag for wet and dirty clothes


Smellables (personal hygiene):



Soap and washcloth

Personal medication