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Namekagon Canoe - September

Who: Registered Scouts and Scouters

What: Canoeing down the Namekagon River and Camping

When: September 7-9, 2018

Where: Near Trego, Wisconsin

Why: To have fun, of course!!

Estimated Cost: $60 per Scout, $50 per Adult

Departure: Otter Lake Elem. School on Friday, September 7th at 6:00pm. Eat supper before arriving.

Returning: Sunday around 2pm. Scouts will be dropped off at their homes.

Sign-up: Sign-up online or at a troop meeting, Deadline for Signing up is Thursday August 23rd. Cancellations after September 4th will be charged $60.

This camp trip will consist of canoeing and camping. Each scout can bring their own (clearly labeled) life jacket. Life jackets will be available from the outfitter.

The scouts will be camping in troop tents.

Scouts should bring:

Complete change of clothes and extra socks

2 underwear

2 pair shorts

1 pair long pants

2 shirts

One complete set of non-cotton clothes for in the canoe: polyester, poly-pro, wool or nylon


Beach Towel

Sweatshirt or lightweight jacket

Closed toe shoes – dry for in camp

Sandals or water shoes

Sleeping clothes

Rain Gear

Sleeping bag


Sleeping pad



Mess kit, cup, knife, fork and spoon (plastic recommended)

Water bottle

Life jacket (optional)

Backpack or duffel bag

Plastic bag for wet clothes

Smellables (personal hygiene):


Soap and washcloth

Sunscreen and bug spray

Personal medication

Wear Class A uniform with a Class B underneath for traveling

Check the weather forecast to see how cold it might get and pack accordingly.

If you have any questions, ask us at the troop meeting, or call Eric Bergquist at 651 329-3270. (email:

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Jul 3, 2016, 6:18 PM
Eric Bergquist,
Sep 6, 2018, 8:23 PM