Flower and Plant Sale 2022 (Info for Scouts)

 Welcome to the 2022 Flower Fundraiser for Troop 494!  The fundraiser will run for 5 weeks, from March 1 through April 7 (10pm).  All orders will be done online via the Gerten's Fundraising portal. 


Please see the documents linked below related to the fundraiser.


Webstore: www.gertensfundraising.com

Timeline: March 1 - April 7 (10pm)

Flower Delivery: May 6-7


Using the new fundraising store means a couple things for you and your customers....


For scouts:

  • New webstore!  Check it out:  www.gertensfundraising.com

  • All sales will be done by credit card.

  • No take orders this year!

  • No handling of cash & check.  No money turn in.

  • Flowers will be delivered to Troop 494 on Friday, May 6.  Pick up timeslots will be Friday evening & Saturday morning.  

  • Sign up sheet for pickup timeslot will be available early May.

For customers:

  • Email copies of all sales and receipts.

  • Credit card payment only.

  • More options of plants for purchase

  • Annual bedding plants can only be sold in flats (no singular 6-packs will be available to purchase)