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Flower and Plant Sale 2023 (Info for Scouts)

Welcome to the 2023 Flower Fundraiser for Troop 494!  The fundraiser will run for 6 weeks, from February 21 through April 6 (10pm).  All orders will be done online via the Gerten's Fundraising portal. 


Please see the documents linked below related to the fundraiser.



Timeline: February 21st - April 6th (10pm)

Flower Delivery: May 9th


Using the new fundraising store means a couple things for you and your customers....


For scouts:

  • New webstore!  Check it out: 

  • Code for site: 429

  • All sales will be done by credit card.

  • No take orders this year!

  • No handling of cash & check.  No money turn in.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Quantities are limited on fundraiser items. If an item sells out, it will be marked sold out on your website and customers will not be able to continue to order that item. Get customer orders in early to avoid limited item availability! Your customers should shop directly from your site. Do not collect orders and hold to enter later.

  • Flowers will be delivered to Troop 494 on Tuesday, May 9th.  Pick up timeslots will be Tuesday evening.

  • Sign up sheet for pickup timeslot will be available early May.

For customers:

  • Email copies of all sales and receipts.

  • Credit card payment only.

  • More options of plants for purchase

  • Annual bedding plants can only be sold in flats (no singular 6-packs will be available to purchase)

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