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Itasca State Park Campout

Who: All Scouts

What:  Explore Itasca State Park and walk across the Mississippi Headwaters

When: Thursday, June 24th - Sunday, June 27th

Where: Itasca State Park - Pine Ridge Campground - Pine & Poplar Loop - Campsites 238, 241, 243 & 249

Map - Itasca State Park

Map - Pine Ridge Campground

Cost: $90 per personThe $90 covers: the campsite, food, boat ride, state park vehicle passes, gas, etc. 

Signup:  Click on the Sign Up for Event button to the left.Cancellations after June 15th will be charged $90 unless you can find someone to take your place.

Items of Note: 

1) We will be carpooling.

2) Everyone attending needs to expect to share a tent (~2 per tent)

3) Max participant limit for this trip is 24 people.

4) Everyone should bring money for lunch on the ride home Sunday.

5) Priority is given to scouts and adults attending with a scout(s).

6) Check the weather forecast to see how cold it might get and pack accordingly.

7) Youth will sleep in troop tents. Adults may supply their own or use a troop tent.

Departure: Otter Lake Elementary on Thursday, June 24th at 12:30pm.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the 12:30pm departure time.


EAT lunch before arriving.

Wear Class A uniform with a Class B underneath for traveling

Returning: Sunday between 1-2pm - Parents will need to pick up their scout from Otter Lake Elementary. 

Sign-up: On the online sign-up sheet. Cancellations after June 15th will be charged $90 unless you can find someone to take your place.

Scouts / Adults Should Bring:​

  1. Complete change of clothes and extra socks

  2. 3 underwear

  3. 1-2 pair pants

  4. 2-3 pair shorts (if weather appropriate)

  5. 3 shirts

  6. Sweatshirt or jacket

  7. Swimsuit

  8. Water shoes

  9. Raincoat

  10. Hat & gloves (if weather appropriate)

  11. Closed toe shoes

  12. Sleeping clothes

  13. Sleeping bag & sleeping pad

  14. Pillow

  15. Camp chair

  16. Scout book

  17. Flashlight

  18. Pocketknife

  19. Mess kit, cup, knife, fork and spoon (plastic recommended)

  20. Mesh bag with drawstring for holding/drying mess kit

  21. Water bottle

  22. Backpack or duffel bag

  23. Plastic bag for wet clothes

  24. Smellables (personal hygiene):

    1. Toothbrush/toothpaste

    2. Soap and washcloth

    3. Personal medication

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