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Popcorn Sale

Key Dates
September 19th - Popcorn sales information available at Troop meeting/Court of Honor.

Now - Scouts may sell online through Trail's End now!
September 23rd - Scouts may begin selling popcorn door-to-door or at storefronts at 5 pm!

October 29th -  Sale Ends

October 30th (Monday) - Money Turn-in & return any "Show and Deliver" product. Please bring a copy of your order forms to turn in or enter everything into the Trails End app. 
  • Only checks will be accepted – No cash. Have your parents write a check to Troop 494 if any of your customers paid in cash.

  • Your order will not be accepted unless it is paid in full.

  • Turn-in will be at the Baltzer House

  • If you are unable to make money turn-in, contact Jenny Koskie to make other arrangements.

November 17, 18, & 19th - Popcorn will be ready for pickup and delivery. 
Selling popcorn using the "Show and Deliver" method:

This year Scouts will again have the opportunity to sell popcorn using the "Show and Deliver" method. If you want popcorn for "Show and Deliver" sales, contact Jenny at 651-335-4856 via text or call to arrange a pickup time.

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